Guide To LED Downlights In Sydney

Downlights are the foundation of lighting and many Australian homes have embraced the idea. LED downlights are particularly popular in many homes as they provide functional ambient light that will be both practical and aesthetically appealing. If you are thinking about buying LED downlights in Sydney, then this article is just what you need to help you make an informed decision. There are many different types of downlights on the market and deciding which one to buy can be a bit overwhelming.

There are a few factors to be considered if you are to buy the right downlights in Sydney.

Brightness Level

With downlights, brightness is measured in lumens and not wattage as it is the case with other kinds of lighting. The higher lumen rate, the brighter your downlights will be. LED lighting provides more light and is more energy efficient compared to wattage lighting. When choosing LED downlights consider how bright you want a room to be and then choose the right lumen rating.

Build Quality

Another important factor to consider when choosing LED downlights Sydney products is quality. You want a lighting fixture that will not only provide the right amount of lighting but one that will also serve you for an extended period of time. Different materials are used to make LED downlights and each one comes with ups and downs that are worth considering. When it comes to build quality, you’ll need to consider factors such frame and heatsink quality, LED driver quality and diffuser quality among others.

Colour Temperature

If you are concerned about the atmosphere created by LED lighting, then it’s worth considering color temperature. This refers to warm and cool characteristics produced by LED lighting. Warm colours appear yellowish while cool colours appear bluish. Consider a theme that suits your taste and needs before choosing downlights.

Beam Angle

This refers to the way light spreads from the light source. You can choose between wider beam angles which produce a softer light or narrow beam angle for sharper lighting. The type of beam angle to choose will depend on your personal needs.


The cost of downlights varies as you move from one store to the next. You can save money one LED lighting by shopping online. From the internet, you can compare prices from different stores without necessarily having to drive around. Also consider reading reviews on the best products on the market before investing your money and time on products.

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