WordArt – Changing The Way You Write

There is a lot to say about 90’s Microsoft WordArt feature. Combined with the notoriously unhelpful clippy (the clip shaped help assistant), we jazzed up a lot of text. Now, the benefits of WordArt are making a big comeback with the help of Custom Word Art Generator softwares.

What is it?

Word Art helps you treat walls of text as a design. You can add graphics, special effects, master strokes, anything to make your text look interesting and fun. It is a great tool if you want to design your own logo, title or mastheads.

A sensational hit with the original Microsoft WordArt was creating 3D text. You can do the same even today with the many custom generators.

Uses and applications

Everybody likes noticing beauty and by customizing your words, you do just that. It basically helps us in getting our message across in a colorful fashion. Here are a couple of areas where you can use this to your benefit.

• Teaching

If you are a teacher and you want your students to pay more attention to the slide, then custom word art is for you. You can make the important points dance or convert them in sensational 3D. There is a lot you can do with this tool to make your students sit up and take notice.

• Presentations

While giving a presentation to a potential client you might want to highlight important areas. The point is that in a presentation everything is important and making the headings and title bold seems pointless when you are trying to impress someone to give your business. With Word Art you can bring a fresh outlook and bold perception to your presentation.

• Logo Designs

Usually people hire professionals to create logos. You can use these tools to create a successful logo design yourself. It’s not very difficult. All you need to do is get the words straight and use any one of the custom word art software to make it look good. The best logo designs are the ones which are in tune with your purpose and business. With custom design generating software to your words you can be in charge of your own logo.

• Craft Ideas

You can use custom word art generators for various craft purposes. You can use it to build personalized cards or create a collage. You can even experiment with various options, colors, design to create something fun as a hobby. You can use it as a form of expression to bring the creativity out in you.
There are many uses of Word Art in our daily lives. You can pick your own purpose.

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