Why You Should Use Glazed Bricks Instead Of Traditional Bricks

Various civilizations in the past preferred to use bricks to build many of their structures. From simple houses to magnificent town halls and monuments, bricks were just as popular then as they are now. Traditional bricks were more popular than Glazed Bricks in the past. The latter has gained more popularity in recent times.

Glazed Bricks are made using a unique method. The brick is baked normally once to prepare the brick, and then baked a second time to seal the ceramic coating on to the brick. By glazing the brick with ceramic, the brick gains various beneficial properties that make it extremely appealing. Here are a few reasons why you should use bricks that have been glazed instead of traditional bricks for your next project.

Custom Colors

One of the key features of Glazed Bricks that will certainly make traditional bricks obsolete is that they can be colored to match any shade you want during the baking process itself. As a result, once the construction work is complete, there is no need to paint the bricks. This makes the whole building process easier, and the color matching process seamless. One other thing is that the color does not fade easily because these bricks are baked at very high temperatures.

Cleaning and Maintenance is Easier

Traditional bricks are typically rough and porous. Due to these undesirable qualities, it is harder to keep mold and stains of them. Whereas bricks coated with ceramic, are non-porous. Therefore stains, graffiti, and even mold will only be on the exterior of the brick. The ceramic coating on the brick makes the cleaning and maintaining process effortless.

Strong and Long-Lasting

Buildings made from Glazed Bricks are exceptionally durable and have a long lifespan. This is due to the ceramic layer, which reinforces the brick and makes it stronger. Since these bricks need little maintenance, you save money on periodic maintenance. Additionally, the ceramic coating makes the brick resistant to fire. Unlike normal bricks, ceramic coated bricks do not deteriorate when subjected to harsh weather conditions. This ensures that the occupants of the building are not exposed to toxic fumes often released when bricks deteriorate.

Lastly, the glossy and shiny finish of the bricks is aesthetically pleasing. It also makes the whole structure modern, unique, and eye-catching. These are just some of the reasons why you should use bricks that are glazed instead of regular bricks.

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