What Web Development Involves

Web development is a process that involves developing a website for people that use the World Wide Web. Basically, before any website can become accessible on the World Wide Web, there is a development process that must take place. The reason why it has to go through this process is because it is in fact a type of software and just like any other software, it has to be developed. The process takes various steps and these will be discussed in detail below.

1. Gathering Information

The initial stage involves collecting information. In fact, this is the most essential stage. The reason for this is that if there is any form of miscommunication, this can affect the whole process. This stage involves understanding the organization, including its activities. It is also crucial at this point to understand the objectives, content and target audience of the organization. That means as the web developer, you must ask pertinent questions before you can move to the next step. This is the stage at which if you have doubts about something, no matter how small it is, you need to clear that doubt early on. You must not only understand the information, you should also understand the requirements.

2. Analyzing the Requirements and Planning

Once you have put together all the important information, the next step involves analyzing those requirements and coming up with a plan that is cost-effective. Analyzing the requirements entails examining how the system that you are developing will replace one that is already there. The developer also has to make sure that he examines how the site will be combined with the existing system. As for planning, when you analyze the requirements, this should help you to produce a cost-effective plan. This stage requires the combined expertise of people such as web designers, testers and developers.

3. Design and Development

When you are done with planning, it will be time to design the site. This is where you take into account aspects such as the background and colors. A number of prototypes will be produced and only one will eventually be approved. Once the client has chosen a design, you can then go on to the development stage. You will start by developing the home page. Every other required element on the site will be implemented at this point.

4. Content Writing, Testing, Delivery and Maintenance

You cannot have a website that does not have any content, so this stage is also very important. It is crucial that the written content is relevant, informative and original. The site also has to be tested just like any other form of software. Upon final approval, delivery can then take place. The final stage in the web development process is maintenance. This involves regularly updating the site.

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