Using Persian Rugs In Your Home Interiors

Persian rugs are the gold standard when it comes to this type of interior piece. Traditional weavers still make them, passing the skill from generation to generation. The demand remains strong after hundreds of years — a testament to their beauty and quality. Don’t be intimidated by them as they can be acquired at affordable prices. Be sure to shop around at reputable stores so that you can get the genuine article instead of cheap knockoffs. Although they are usually found in old homes, they are versatile enough to be displayed in modern houses and quite functional to boot.

Wall Hang

The bare parts of the walls are usually spiced up using artworks such as painting, posters, and similar items. The beauty of Persian rugs makes them more than qualified to take on the role as well. They can certainly add interest into any room just by their presence. To hang them on the wall instead of laying them down on the floor makes them pop out even more than usual. Guests are sure to comment on your usual eye-catching piece, never failing to spark a conversation. This is perfect for massive walls in the living room behind the sofa or beside the dining table.

Room Divider

Rugs may also be used as a room divider. By laying it on the floor, you create a visual delineation of one area that is separate from another in an open plan living space. This is a clever way to subdivide a house in modern homes where space is often very limited. Instead of putting up walls to separate the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, and so on, you can just place a different rug for each of them. The living room is the most important of them all as there is a significant distance between the cushioned seats and the fireplace or television. Persian rugs in London can fill the gap quite well.

Warm Vibe

If you have a room that feels a bit stark or cold, then bringing in a rug can make it feel softer and warmer. Find a great piece that has vibrant colors and intricate patterns to create a contrast in your all-white room. It can be the focal point of the space and the one that makes it feel like a real home. You can match it with pillows that have similar colors and patterns to tie it all in. Go for red, orange, brown, or similar tones.

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