Types Of Parking Systems And How They Work

The 21st century has been characterized by the rapid development of technology meant to meet varying needs. Increased number of vehicles on the roads and cities and the need to control, manage them have been a major push behind designing technologies. In response to these challenges, IT firms have developed and deployed parking management systems. A Parking system is an automated system that helps to manage traffic in streets and parking spaces by analyzing the number of cars and allocating the available space so as to avoid traffic, increase security and enhance a hassle-free payment system. There are different types of parking systems that you can install depending on your needs and specific conditions.

RFID Card Reader Parking Access Control System

With this type of system, an RFID card is installed in a vehicle such that the parking sensors can recognize them before they are allowed into a parking space. The payment for the space is hands-free, saving a lot of time. In addition, it is convenient and allows for error-free management of cars. What’s more, it ensures that only allowed cars to enter a parking space thus guarantees the security of the facility.

Using License Plate

This system utilizes a number of concepts such as image processing and fuzzy logic. Here, the license plate is recognized and the identification of the car is retrieved from the database maintained by the parking facility. This system requires an initial investment in a common database, parking sensors among other essentials for it to work efficiently.

Parking Ticket Dispenser Control System

Perhaps this is the most common of the parking systems on the market. It has a lot of human intervention that rides on technology to manage
Parking System Washington DC. The driver is expected to press buttons for the ticket to be dispensed before gaining access. During exit, the driver is required to pay to the cashier after showing them the ticket. In some cases, the system is designed to allow registered cards as a payment option for convenience.

Whichever type of parking system you choose, there is an element of increased efficiency in the manner in which you manage your parking space. In addition, you are guaranteed the security of not only your clients but also the staff and the entire property. In a period when so many cars are flocking towns and cities, parking management systems are essential, especially in shopping malls, office buildings. Therefore, it is important to install an effective Parking System Washington DC that will help you manage, control, and monitor the flow of cars in your parking space.

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