Types Of Communications Recruitment Agencies

If you are a marketing professional, you will need the services of a communications recruitment agency to find the right people for your company. There are various types of agencies that provide communications recruitment services.


A contingency recruitment agency will provide job-seeking clients with qualified candidates for a specified period. The recruiter works with several hiring clients at once and makes each candidate available to his or her client. The recruiter will then receive a predetermined fee for the successful completion of the search, typically upon a signed contract or when the position is filled. Not every contingency recruitment agency offers these same benefits. Before choosing one, you should ask about the terms and conditions of the contract.

When choosing a contingency recruitment agency, look for one with a wide range of experience and a high-quality database of available candidates. An agency with an extensive social media presence should use AI-based sourcing to match candidates with available positions. Additionally, the agency should use the latest technology in their daily business. State-of-the-art platforms and software ensure a successful talent search. In fact, 88% of global firms use AI-powered tools in their HR activities.

Retained search

Retained search is an effective way to increase the number of candidates for a specific position. The advantage of a retained search over an open-market search is the specialized attention of recruiters, who can screen candidates thoroughly. This process also provides more information throughout the recruiting process. As a result, retained search agencies usually present a small number of qualified candidates for any given position. In addition, these candidates tend to have relevant work experience and education.

Fees for retained search services vary. Typically, an initial engagement search fee of about 1/3 of the total fee is due upon signing a retainer agreement. This allows the recruiter to focus exclusively on your requirements and build a shortlist of top-qualified candidates. You pay the remaining two-thirds of the fee at various stages of the recruitment process. You can negotiate the payment schedule and timeline with your retained search agency.


If you seek a permanent position, a Temp-to-perm communications recruitment agency may be the best option. The job market is saturated with qualified candidates, but fewer positions than applicants are also. temp-to-perm positions are an excellent opportunity for job seekers to test the waters and demonstrate their potential. In addition, employers can hire and train candidates more quickly with a temp-to-perm position.

temp-to-perm hiring is a popular option for growing businesses and is an excellent option for both employers and candidates. It allows employers to test the waters before making a full-time hire, which eliminates many of the risks associated with hiring someone permanently. Temp-to-perm employees are typically highly qualified, and this flexibility is beneficial for both parties. You’ll save time and money by avoiding the risks of hiring someone without a trial period.

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