Tips For Buying Electric Outboards

In a planet that is heating up day by day, every consumer should do their part to try and slow down the heating process, or even reverse global warming. Going green is the best option for containing global warming, so consumers should look at all their options. For instance, they can buy electric cars, electric motorcycles and electric outboards for their dinghies and boats. Adopting these technologies will not only help consumers save the planet, but also save them a considerable amount of money. After all, charging these vehicles is much cheaper than fueling them.

If you are thinking of buying an electric outboard motor, you have to consider a number of things. After all, there are different types of electric motors for water vessels and they have been designed with different types of users in mind. Below are things to consider:

i) Pricing

There are some high end motors as well as motors made for the average consumer. While they may all have the same performance, they differ in prices. Depending on your budgetary needs, therefore, you should only shortlist outboards that fall within your price range. That said, you will need to consider other factors before you can consider the price of a product.

ii) Power Rating

The power output of a motor is a key factor to take into consideration. Therefore, you will have to check the rpm’s and the power output in terms of horsepower to identify the right motor for your needs. If a 10hp gasoline outboard motor can propel your boat efficiently, then you can look for a motor with a 10hp rating. Proper sizing is the key to achieving energy efficiency, so be sure to look for a suitable motor for your water propulsion needs.

iii) Used vs New

You can find both new and used outboards on the market. Since they come at different prices, and you have unique financial needs, you should choose between new and used electric outboards. Used outboards are more affordable than new outboard motors. However, they may have a problem. They do not also come with a service warranty, so you will have to pay for any repairs or maintenance out of pocket.

Whichever type of outboard you choose to buy, just make sure you inspect it before making payment, especially if you are buying online. After all, you do not want to get something different from what you ordered.

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