Things To Consider When Choosing An Inshore Fishing Charter

There is no better way to finish your vacation than spending some time fishing. The best way to do it is by booking an inshore fishing charter. These charters are an awesome way to spend your time on the water fishing without worrying about things like finding the fish, fuel costs, or even mooring your own boat. There are plenty of options to go for when choosing the charter that is perfect for you. You can easily find a dozen charters at your local dock that you can book. But choosing the right one for you that will guarantee the perfect fishing experience can be a challenge. Here is a list of things to consider when booking inshore fishing charters Fort Myers.


Type of Fishing

The type of fishing you want is one of the things to consider. Ask yourself what you need. Whether it is night fishing, reef fishing, or any other the type of fishing, then when you are sure of what you want is when you can contact a charter. When you contact the charter, ask them about the fishing opportunities they offer. You sure do not want to book a charter that offers a different type of fishing than you were looking for.



The boats offered by the fishing charter should have amenities such as a bathroom, kitchen, or fridge. Knowing the amenities you want helps narrow down your options. Also, ensure that the boat has proper safety equipment. You might not think that safety equipment is necessary, but anything can happen on the water and you might need it.


Targeted Species

If you want to fish a specific species of fish, make sure you mention that when booking a charter. Some species only come around during certain seasons of the year. You surely do not want to waste your time and resources fishing for tuna when tuna are not around. Also, consider the number of fish you are hoping to catch and look for a boat that has the necessary amenities to handle the number you are hoping to catch. Notifying the captain of your intentions will help them plan an outing that best suits you.


Group Size

You should also consider the number of people you are going fishing with. The group size plays a huge role in choosing the charter and determines things like whether you are joining a shared charter on your own or getting a private one for a large group.


There are many more things to consider when choosing an inshore fishing charter. These four are some of them. Therefore, make sure you have them in mind when booking a fishing charter.

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