Tanzania Ethical Safari Tips For You

When you hear the words “Safari in Africa”, two countries immediately spring to your mind. These are Kenya and Tanzania. These two countries have many things in common including big game hunting, mountain climbing and eco-tourism. In this article, we are concerned with ethical safari Tanzania and this is why we will concentrate on the country of Julius Nyerere. Tanzania is a great place for safari because it offers you everything you need and more. Below are some ways to observe the right ethics when you are on safari in Tanzania.

Employ a Licensed Tourist Guide

If you are traveling to popular park like the Serengeti Ngorogoro or the Ruaha National Park, you should employ the services of a licensed and ethical tourist guide. This is because this guide would operate in accordance with the animal protection laws of the land. For instance, there should be no shooting or hunting in certain restricted areas. Again, visitors should not move too close to animals in the wild because this might distract or agitate the animals. Ethical safari rules also include visiting parks at the right time and staying away from these parks when it is prohibited to visit.

Staying at the Right Hotels

There are many fancy hotels and resorts here but you should choose the right ones. Avoid hotels where mean hotel owners underpay and overwork local employees. The right hotels for you are the ones where the owners run their businesses with social justice and just labor laws. Patronize these establishments and you will promote local industry and fight for social justice in your own small way.

Patronize Local Industry

Another way to observe the right ethics while you are in Tanzania is to patronize local industries. Part of your safari experience includes shopping, eating out and buying souvenirs. Now, there is nothing wrong with eating at swank restaurants and food chains owned and operated by foreign multinational firms. There is no law against buying some highbrow souvenirs from designer stores. However, you can do your own bit for the country’s indigenous people if you patronize local industry. Buy your straw hats from the local women who weave these hats. Drink sterilized whole milk prepared by Masai cattle breeders and buy local cotton shirts and beachwear from traditional cloth makers. When you do these things, you are putting your money to good use and these small acts of kindness have positive impacts on the national economy of Tanzania.

Final Word

As you can see, Tanzania is a wonderful place for tourism. Visit this great country and stick to the rules of ethical safari Tanzania. This way, you enjoy a great experience and you enrich the country.

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