Storagecraft Recovery Solutions: Helping Your Business Quickly Recover After A Disaster

In the modern business world, using the cloud is no longer an option but a necessity for a business that needs to improve efficiency, productivity, and security. Cloud allows businesses to access their data from any location and prevents duplication of the same file while at the same providing security of your data. A good cloud program protects businesses from data loss by providing automatic backups as frequently as possible. Nevertheless, it is important to note that a backup program will not only be considered effective by its backup habits but also its efficiency in helping a business to recover after a disaster. Therefore, if you are looking for the best backup and disaster recovery software, you should consider the Storagecraft.

The Storagecraft ensures business continuity by protecting systems and data through verified backups and quick recovery options whether your business runs on the virtual or physical environment or on Windows or Linux environments. With Storagecraft, you will be prepared for any eventuality that might put your business continuity at a risk by restoring failed servers, recovering lost documents and eli9minating downtimes that may occur after a fire, earthquake or hurricane.

A look at the Storagecraft recovery solutions

In order to get your business running again immediately after a disaster, the Storagecraft offers several disaster recovery solutions that include file and folder recovery, Microsoft Exchange Email recovery, System recovery, pre-staged recovery, temporary system failover and virtual failover solution. By backing up your systems, data, and applications and replicating them in the cloud, the Storagecraft offers you a faster, more reliable way to recover after a system failure. In addition to complete backups, the Storagecraft also offers tools to enable you to perform push installations, manage storage resources, configure multiple backup jobs at once, receive alerts and verify backups to ensure they are working properly from a single dashboard.

Furthermore, by letting you replicate your backup images to the cloud or on a remote control of your choice, the affordable Storagecraft pricing lets you access your data whenever you need it after a disaster. Some of the features and benefits that make Storagecraft cloud services unique include security and availability, service levels, mirroring and retention tiers, control, and flexibility, policy-based failover and advanced network-recovery options. With the Storagecraft, you can centrally manage and monitor all your services and accounts, customize your cloud storage to fit your business needs, run your network in the cloud and configure and test machine boot order, dependencies, and timing.


In addition to being effective and efficient, the affordable Storagecraft pricing lets you customize your cloud configuration to fit your budget and environment needs. Other benefits of Storagecraft include low setup, management and overhead costs, predictable monthly Storagecraft pricing and control over your cloud settings and recoveries.

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