Some Examples Of Scientific Research Topics

As the world continues into the 21st century, scientific research topics and research continue to be central to our development. Following are some examples of scientific research topics that are currently underway.

Green Supply Chain Management

Sustainable practices in industry are central to the world’s push to control greenhouse emissions and their negative impacts. There has been significant attention to how we source and deliver the goods that we rely on in a modern economy. The focus is on environmental benefits that can be achieved by restructuring supply chains by using data-driven methods. These can be applied to a range of economic activities including construction, food supply and consumer products.

Climate Change Effects on Soil

Soil organic matter holds the majority of the world’s carbon on the world’s land masses. The quality of soil and the way that it sequesters carbon has been affected by human practice over the past century in soil composition, stability and structure. As the climate has warmed due to human activities, elevated levels of carbon dioxide, changing nitrogen levels and changes in precipitation levels have contributed to significant changes in the chemical makeup of soils that are relied on for food crops. Research focuses on understanding how human activities affect soil structure and quality and how to manage these processes to produce desirable outcomes.

Applying Advances in AI to the Study of Vision

Visual development in humans, and impairments to it, can have a significant affect on a person’s quality of life. It is, however, a highly complex process that can be affected by a range of physiological factors. Discovering the molecular mechanisms that are involved in eye disease is one of the most reliable bases for development of targeted therapies. Artificial intelligence (AI) advances provide new techniques for intelligent diagnosis and treatment techniques. AI powered imaging assessments and nanotechnology provide advanced tools for ophthalmic decision making and treatments.

Modelling Brain Synapses

The brain is the most powerful machine for information processing that we have yet encountered and dwarfs the most powerful computers available today. Research into the way synapses in our brains transmit information between neurons provides the most fundamental means of understanding overall brain function. Synapses are not only the building blocks on information processing in the brain, they also have the ability to modify their structure depending on the activities that they perform. Research in this area promises profound advances in the way we assess and treat brain dysfunction as well as providing insights into advanced information processing.

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