The Route 66 Wall Clock As Decor For Your Home And Garage

Are you interested in assembling vintage pieces for decoration purposes? The Route 66 Clock will take you down the American memory lane. The wall clock is suited for home and garage decorations. You can also hang the historic clock in your office. The clocks come in different designs and finishes, but one thing is clear in all of them: the Route 66 identity. Other than the Route 66 sign, the clocks come with decorative pictures such as ones for vintage cars, vintage bikes, and vintage guitars among other elements.

Route 66 Wall Clock for Home Décor

If your home has a historic assembly of vintage paintings and sculptures, probably the only thing missing is the Route 66 wall clock. The best size for home decoration is about 10.5-inch diameter clock or a 10.5-inch by 10.5-inch design. In spite of the big size, these clocks come lightweight. You may find a design weighing as little as 2 pounds. Additional features to look forward to in the Route 66 home décor clock are:

• Acrylic encasing to protect the clock from scratches and moisture

• Runs comfortably on AA batteries, thus economical

• Comes in attractive colors to match the theme of your house

• Flexible to be converted to a table clock for your office

• Color images of iconic personalities and the Route 66 symbol

Route 66 Wall Clock for Garage Décor

Your garage can get a modern touch with the introduction of a Route 66 Clock. The clock is meant to remind you of the legendary path that motorcycles and cars have taken. Basically, the experience of looking at the clock is nostalgic. Every person coming to your garage will notice the cool piece hanging by your wall. You should expect your garage Route 66 wall clock to come with the following features:

• Quality casing for scratch resistance

• AA battery operated

• Measures about 14-inch in diameter

• Quartz movement

Basically, this type of wall clock gives you an opportunity to have a unique garage wall decor that does not call for much spending. What’s more, the clock comes lightweight (less than 5 pounds) and in wide range of attractive designs.


If you want a wall clock that has a historic and classic touch, you should think of the Route 66. There is a perfect fit for your home and garage on the market with the features that your desire.

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