Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Drinking an adequate amount of water daily is a healthy and smart decision. Drinking water systems that use reverse osmosis bring clean and refreshing water right into your home. If you would like to consume pure water, reverse osmosis water filters are definitely what you need. Below are a few reasons why reverse osmosis water filters could be the best choice for you:

The Process Removes Contaminants

Contaminated water has profoundly negative effects on the health of individuals and has been affecting people for quite a while. The water catastrophe in Flint, Michigan involved lead poisoning and this prompted more scrutiny of public water across the country. Regardless of where you reside, there is much more than H2O in your water at home. Thankfully, a reverse osmosis system will drastically decrease those undesirable contaminants. These special membranes clean out most of the heavy metals and microscopic organisms from the water.

It Is Better for Cooking

Any impurity in your water at home will impact the taste of the food you prepare to feed yourself and your family. When you think about it, it actually makes a whole lot of sense as the water you cook with frequently ends up in your food. Pure water can make a huge difference when you make soups, boil pasta or bake bread.

If you use municipal tap water to cook your meals, there is a good chance that an excessive amount of chlorine is in it. Not only will this cause the food to taste odd, it will also discolor it. Additionally, you will also notice that tea and coffee has a superior taste with reverse osmosis water. In fact, a number of fine restaurants are now exclusively using this type of water for cooking.

It Reduces Sodium in Soft Water

Designed specifically to eliminate hard minerals from potable water, water softeners solve much of the problems with hard water; however, they are not intended for purification. Water softeners provide water that is exceptional for bathing, laundry and cleaning. Besides, many people dislike the taste of softened water.

Water softener uses an ion exchange process that replaces hard minerals with sodium molecules. This means there could still be an elevated level of total dissolved solids that will impact its taste. Additionally, the sodium added by the water softener is filtered out by reverse osmosis.

A water softener combined with a reverse osmosis water system enables you to reap the benefits of purified drinking water and soft water. In addition, reverse osmosis filters are more efficient when soft water is used.

The Water Tastes Great

The best reason for using this water in your home is perhaps how remarkable it tastes. When all the impurities are removed, all that’s left is clean, refreshing water. Besides the membrane that filters out contaminants, a good osmosis system will send the drinking water through a series of carbon filters prior to it coming through the tap. The final carbon filter polishes the water to ensure the removal of any lingering tastes or odor.

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