Planning For A Vacation In Blue Mountains? Types Of Luxury Accommodations To Consider

From world-class nature, historical, cultural, lifestyle, and adventure activities to world’s steepest railway and coolest botanic gardens, Blue Mountains is endowed with a lot of things to see and do. To enjoy the beauties that this part of the world has to offer, however, you need to find somewhere to stay that’s not only comfortable but as luxurious as possible. For inspiration, here are some of the most luxurious Blue Mountains accommodation options to consider:

1. Boutique luxury hotels

These are essentially scaled-down hotels. Unlike the giant-mega hotels that house hundreds of guests, these types of hotels sacrifices quantity for quality. Although they house a small number of guests, they are equipped with all the amenities that you will find in full hotel services.

2. Private villas and home vacation rentals

Private Vilas are extremely stylish dwellings that are constructed in some of the most beautiful locations in Blue Mountains. Their close counterparts, home rentals are just normal homes for rent.

3. Chalets

The term chalet was used to describe huts that were occupied by Arptian herders. Later, the terms was adapted to refer to Swiss houses constructed from wood with sloping roofs with eaves at right angles. When Alpine travel become more popular, the term was widely adopted and was used to describe a wide range of vacation rentals not necessarily constructed in the alpine style, though mostly located in the mountains and ski slopes. You will find a wide range of luxurious chalets to rent in Blue Mountains.

4. Penthouses

At the apex of apartments, luxury hotels, and condos, there is usually one room that is located or constructed above them all—not only in terms of its physical position but also in amenities and comfort. Most Penthouses that you will find in Blue Mountains are almost decked out in the very best that the hotel or apartment has to offer, and often feature multiple rooms, private hot tubs, stunning views, and much more depending on the price and location.

5. Chateau

A Château is a French word that is often used to describe a house or manor of a respected lord or mobility. In modern usage, the term refers to a grand medieval construct. In the Blue Mountains, some of these structures have been renovated and re-purposed as luxury inns or hotels. With features that are common in castles than modern houses, Château will provide you with an intriguing place to stay.

Hopefully, this brief list has given you a quick insight into the types of available luxurious accommodations that you can expect in Blue Mountains. Ensure that you explore every available option that suits your budget and requirements.

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