Planning Out Your TRX Exercise Program

Trying out TRX can be a life-changing experience. You will realize how much you can do with such simple equipment that you can set up at home. You can even take this with you when you travel. The affordable price makes it easy to say yes to the purchase as well. Plan your at-home TRX exercise program to maximize the benefits. If possible, ask the people you know for advice about how their structure their TRX workouts and think about how you can modify these to fit your needs. You may also consult any of the free online resources to learn more about the tool and its applications.

Schedule Your Workout

No one gets fit in one day. Even if you have the best equipment in the world, you would still need to stick to the grind for several months at the very least to see significant improvements. Make time for this activity by providing a regular schedule for it. Don’t just use the TRX straps when you feel like it. Make it a habit on certain days and times. Ideally, this workout should last for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Ensure Safe Mounting

Consider where you will mount the straps. They need to hang from a secure anchor point that is 7 to 9ft above the ground. If you could find a sturdy area on your ceiling that is several feet away from the walls, then that would be perfect. You will be able to move in all directions and take on different positions without any obstacles. If not, then you can try mounting on your walls or even outdoor poles. Pull-on the straps afterward to check whether it holds.

Start with Warmups

Before you perform the actual exercises, perform some easy dynamic warmups that include controlled movements. Move your arms and legs in such a way as to ensure that the joints are all right and that the muscles have excellent mobility. You can use the TRX exercise program during this as well for support. Stretch your chest, your lats, your hamstrings, and your quds. Rotate your trunk as well. Elevate your heart rate slightly and get your blood flow going.

Exercise Options

For beginners, consider the easier exercises such as rows, bicep curls, pulls, push-ups, and chest press for the upper body. You can also try the TRX version of the lunge, hamstring curls, and bridges for the lower body.

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