Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

Baldness and hair loss can be a real problem for men and women. It can be an embarrassing issue that is hard to combat. There are many different prescriptions and over the counter medications to help stimulate hair growth or decrease hair loss. However, some people like to steer clear of medications and chemicals and prefer a more natural route of getting their hair back or keeping the hair they have. If you struggle with hair loss, but want to try some possible solutions that are natural, such as herbal supplements, read on.
•Try adding the herb saw palmetto to your diet. A study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine reports that saw palmetto can increase men’s hair growth. Throughout time, they use herbal supplement has been used by many herbalists and hairstylists to help combat baldness.

• Use rosemary essential oil on the scalp on a regular basis. This oil has been used to increase circulation to the scalp, which stimulates hair growth. You can add rosemary essential oil to your shampoo or conditioner, or massage it directly into the scalp by itself on a regular basis.

herb350• Get regular scalp massages. Many people see this as the key to fast and healthy hair growth. Getting a scalp massages, whether professional or not, not only relaxes you and reduces stress, but it also promotes blood flow to the scalp. Increased blood flow will carry away toxins and excess hormones. It also brings nutrients to the scalp to help promote hair growth. Many people also say that holding your head upside for at least 20-30 seconds per day promotes hair growth by promoting circulation and awakening the hair follicles.

• Take good care of your existing hair. Avoid heat styling, like blow drying and flat ironing, and pulling hair back in ponytails. Using heat to style the hair can cause breakage and split ends. Keeping it pulled back can also cause friction and breakage on the hair. Brush or comb the hair from the bottom to the top to prevent additional hair loss and breakage. Do not brush wet hair, only use a comb on it. Be sure to use a moisturizing conditioner to help decrease dryness and make the scalp healthy.
Until there is a hair loss cure, there are many things people can do in the convenience of their own home to increase hair growth and combat additional hair loss. If you can’t afford a hair transplant and suffer from alopecia areata, start with the aforementioned simple and natural tips to try at home.

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