How Much Does International Moving Cost?

Many people who emigrate to other countries are usually surprised by just how costly international moving can be. So if you’re planning an overseas move, it would help to understand the expenses you can expect. Preparation is the key to a seamless relocation, no matter what you’re moving or your intended destination.


The cost of transporting your stuff from your current residence to the destination is by far the biggest expense you’ll face when moving abroad, and it will depend on factors like:

-Size: The amount you’ll be quoted for your move will largely depend on how big it is in terms of weight and volume.

-Distance: As is the case with size, the cost of you move will be directly proportional to the distance.

-Route: While not all moving companies ply the same routes, most of them tend to focus on the more commonly preferred destinations. Such routes tend to be cheaper compared to other less-common ones, due to competition.

-Mode of transportation: The method you choose to move your stuff is crucial in calculating the price you’ll pay and, in most cases, shipping by sea will be the cheapest option. It’s also worth noting that trucks will be involved in first and last legs of your journey, regardless of the modes you use in between.

Packing and Unpacking

Not all movers will charge you for packing and unpacking, but you may find yourself facing this cost. Depending on your destination, the company may be required to vouch for the shipments being imported, for purposes of controlling what gets into the said country. That aside, it’s worth remembering that you’ll have to pay for packaging materials, including bubble wrap and tape.


Depending on your company’s shipping dates, you might have to pay for storage in addition to the cost of moving your stuff. It’s not always possible to coordinate one’s moving dates to the schedules used by these firms, and your goods will need to be kept somewhere safe when they’re not in transit. You might want to keep this in mind as you wait for them to arrive.

Moving abroad is a whole lot different from moving within international boundaries. The cost of your abroad move will depend on a handful of factors, and having an idea of what to expect can make things easier. After obtaining formal quotes from the best international moving companies, read all the details to figure out what expenses you’ll be facing. This way, you’ll be able to pick your best option and prepare yourself accordingly.

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