Melding Television With The Internet

The connection speed and high quality offered by cable Internet has made the combination of the Internet with television a reality. What previously used the airwaves now uses modern technology to provide subscribers with access to their favorite shows. More and more media companies are seeing the vast market and untapped potential that Internet TV offers.

200Slow loading and buffering times for streamed content used to be a problem back when Internet access was available only through dial-up and broadband means. Current technology has greatly eliminated this problem and has given media companies more opportunities to reach viewers.

Television programs accessed through the Internet has also given rise to new content that subscribers would have limited access to in tradition television services. As with all new technology, its impact on the dynamic between the viewer and the content provider, as well as its effects on the advertisement industry, still remains to be seen. It is also interesting to observe how show content and delivery will evolve as more and more people watch television through an Internet connection.

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