Looking For A Photo Studio Dublin?

If you’re looking for a photo studio Dublin, you’ve come to the right place. The city is home to several photo studios, including Edge, D-Light Studios, 50Hz, and 4th Floor For Photo. We’ll explore some of their offerings below. If you’re interested in booking an appointment at one of these studios, check out their customer reviews. And don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


If you’re planning a photography session in Dublin, you might want to try the 50Hz photo studio. The studio is inexpensive, well-equipped, and centrally located, close to Gardiner Street and Isac hostel. They also offer advertising photography and studio rentals. Wedding photos will last a lifetime, so don’t skimp on quality – even if you’re saving money on the photo session itself. Poor-quality photographs can be embarrassing and difficult to fix once they’re gone!

4th Floor For Photo

If you are looking for a great portrait photography studio in Dublin, then you have come to the right place. Viola Nagy, a well-known portrait photographer, has a studio in the heart of Dublin, which has wooden floors, light walls, a super high ceiling, and three huge windows. The studio is well-equipped with Elinchrom lights and a variety of other lighting options. It charges fifteen Euro per hour during the winter months, and student discounts apply.


The Edge of photo studio Dublin offers a range of photography services, including portraits, headshots, and retouching. Its studio provides a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, which is essential when photographing a subject. The studio offers free gels and modifiers, as well as clothing for models. The owner, John Lynch, is a very pleasant and helpful chap. In Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Edge Photography studio provides a full range of photo services and travels all over Dublin and Ireland. The studio also features a mobile studio set up where images are shot directly onto a
Laptop, saving the client’s time and money.

D-Light Studios

D-Light Studios is a warehouse and multi-media studio in Dublin’s Old Woollen Mill. Though primarily used for film and television production, the studios are adaptable enough to accommodate any type of creative project. The studios are ideal for photoshoots, workshops, exhibitions, and more. They have two large, private rooms and one open-plan space. Agata Stoinska, creative director of D-Light Studios, is an expert in file filing.

When looking for your options, make sure to ask around and check for references so you can find the best photo studio.

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