Long-term Comfort Camping Essentials

If you are planning to camp out with your family, then you have to think about their needs. You may be able to survive outdoors without much gear but perhaps the rest of your companions are not as well-adapted. It’s best to find a campsite with excellent amenities and bring comfort camping essentials to keep everyone happy. Maybe they’ll want to camp out more if the initial experience is enjoyable. If you have an RV, then bring it to the campsite so that you can hold more gear and have bigger space for everyone. Don’t forget the following as well:

Large Sturdy Tent to Stretch In

If the RV is big enough, then your family can sleep inside during the night. If it’s not, then get a large tent where everyone can fit and stretch out. Make sure that there are ample windows for ventilation. You can never be certain about rain so find one with a waterproof cover. There should also be a ground sheet underneath. The tent’s frame material and design should be able to withstand strong winds, especially if you are camping in an open area.

12 Volt Water Heater for Car, consider getting a portable water heater so that everyone can take a shower without shivering in the cold. Just get water into a container that let this flow into the inlet. Plug the device to your car using the 12V connector. It will require a propane tank for fuel. You can also use the water for washing clothes and dishes. Control the temperature and the pressure to your liking. Check the safety features so that you can be confident in bringing this along to the camp and letting the kids use it.

Sleeping Bag and Mat

Find a sleeping bag that works well for the current season. Many of them will indicate their ideal temperature range so use those as guide. Nothing makes people grumpier than a lack of sleep so make sure that everyone will be able to sleep soundly with comfortable arrangements. Bring sleeping mats as well for cushioning and insulation underneath. Some of made from foam. Others are inflatable.

Cooking Set and Stove

Prepare a feast for every meal by bringing the right 12 Volt Water Heater for Car for the job. You don’t need to haul your entire kitchen. Just basic pots and pans will do. Get a camping stove or two with enough fuel to last throughout the trip.

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