Key West Law Firms

Key West law firms are businesses established by an attorney or group of attorneys to offer legal services. They can be started by any attorney who has the capacity to start his or her own firm and operate a successful practice. Once the firm has been established, he or she can go through the process of employing a legal staff.

The purpose of this staff is to take on the administrative and legal responsibilities of the law firm. This includes representing clients in court, giving them advice regarding their legal rights and performing legal duties on their behalf. Depending on its management or ownership structure, law firm could have varying level of legal staff.

The typical law firm structure is a partnership, which means a number of lawyers own the business and operate as partners. The revenue from their services is shared as a team, according to established rules. In addition, some law firms can operate as a sole proprietorship. An attorney can establish a firm and employ other lawyers. These cover the different ownership structures of Key West law firms.

The staff of a legal firm legal is largely determined by the size of the practice. Law firms widely vary in size and the smallest one is a sole proprietorship that is operated by a single lawyer who takes on all responsibilities of the business. In this case, he or she has not employed any staff, not even a secretary. There are many and varied duties undertaken by a legal staff. However, they will depend on a variety of contexts and primarily the specialization and the size of the firm. In essence, it is essential to understand the context of the types and size of the law firm.

The category of law firms in the division follows a particular system called an arrangement. The following are included in commonplace arrangements:

• General Partnership

In this arrangement, all attorneys in the law firm are eligible to get an equal share of the profits, loss and liability of the firm.

• Sole Proprietorship

In this arrangement, the lawyer is the owner of the firm and takes on the overall profit, liability and loss of the law firm.

• Corporations that Address Lawyers as Corporations

• Primarily, these corporations deal with extremely high profile cases and could represent government officials.

Other forms of law firms can be established; however, these are the most common ones.

The function of the legal staff in these law practices is to perform legal processes. The processes could involve representing clients, providing advice or attending court to represent clients. These roles and functions of lawyers are immense as these legal experts play an instrumental role in society. They serve as intermediaries between the citizenry and they advise corporations and individuals of their rights. The role and function of the legal staff may vary with the clients as well, particularly if it is a niche clientele. These eventualities stem from the law firm concentrating on a specific area of laws like corporate law, criminal law and many others.

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