It’s In The Brim – Wide Brim Hats For Men

When thinking of head wear for men, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely a plain, old, run of the mill baseball cap. Or if you have a daring imagination, you might have thought of a flat brim cap.

When you think of wide brim hat, you’ll most likely have a mental image of posh women at the racetrack. Or big, floppy brim hats atop the heads of ladies in summer dresses, having picnics next to the river.

You might also think a man would look ridiculous in a wide brim hat. You’d be wrong. Let’s take a look at some very fashionable wide brim hats for men.

The Cowboy Hat

Top of this list is the iconic “western” hat. You don’t have to be a gun-slinging cowboy to look fashionable in this hat. With the right getup, this will work wonders for your hat-game.

The Fedora Hat

Sticking to the classics, next up is the timeless mafia-style hat, made even more famous by pop icon, Michael Jackson. The pliable brim and pinched sides make this a winner with almost any face shape. Slap on some Aviator sunglasses and you’ll be looking snappier than the King of Pop himself.

The Outback Hat

This one has a lot in common with its American counterpart, the Cowboy Hat. The Australian Outback Hat, otherwise known as the Aussie Hat, differentiates itself with a teardrop crown and a slightly shorter brim profile. If it’s a rugged look you want, look no further.

The Bucket Hat

You’ll probably think “Hipster” when you think of this type of hat. This is a bit more casual looking than the other hats on this list. It can easily be matched with most outfits and is the perfect choice if you’re simply looking to add some pizzazz to an otherwise dreary looking, everyday outfit.

The Safari Hat

Another great looking hat with its own unique aesthetic. If you want to compare, this falls between the Fedora and the Cowboy hat. What sets it apart is the variety of materials that you can get this hat in. This hat looks good as felt, wool, or straw.

The Boater Hat

If you thought of posh ladies at the racetrack when you read “wide brim hat” at the beginning of this article, the Boater Hat will spark the image of posh British gents at the Regatta. This hat comes in only one material. It’s a straw hat with a flat top, flat brim, and a short crown, usually detailed with a bright colored ribbon.

The Campaign Hat

Last on the list, but hands-down the most unique. Also known as a “ranger” hat, this cranium topper sports a four dented crown with a flat brim.

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