Infant Hair Bows – Shopping Guide

Parents have been using infant hair bows for their young ones since time immemorial. The accessories are baby-friendly and safe for toddlers. They are light in weight and available in various designs and shades. Years ago, these accessories were worn by women and children of high status in the community. Currently, they are designed for anybody who wishes to accessorize their outfit. Little girls wear them to spice up their buns, braids, or ponytails. The additional accessories are adorable, and they can be matched with the child’s clothes. The bows are sold online and at local stalls. Also, you can have your tailor customize a hair bow to match your style and needs. Use these tips when picking an infant hair bows.

Clip Type

Bows have clips to hold the hair in position. Thus, determine the clip type you want. A good seller will show the various types of clips in the market and their advantages. Choose a clip depending on the hair thickness and texture. Curly and thick hair will need a traditional clip to hold the hair in position. Contrary, alligator clips require one to use both forefinger and thumb to slide it to a headband or the hair. They are ideal for straightened hair that is not thick.

Bow Size

Different bow sizes are perfect for various occasions. Identify the ideal size for your child. Do not buy very tiny accessories for infants as they can chew them. Again, large bows are not fit for very young children. Kids need lightweight accessories that will not interfere with their sleeping. The kid’s safety should guide you when picking these accessories. Also, decide on the clip colors to buy. Flowered and cartoon themed bows are perfect for small babies.


Designers have different bow designs and styles for your kid. Try out different looks with different clip styles. The child’s outfit should blend naturally with their hair bows. Alternatively, you can have their clip match yours. A good tailor will personalize a bow to match your preferences and fashion needs. They also show you some of the trending designs that you can borrow. Get a size that is comfortable with your baby.


Use hair bows to give your younger one a stylish look. Buy several clips to ensure they remain fashionable even when playing outside. Make sure the bows are from a quality textile to protect your money. Use your creativity and try out different bow styles on your child.

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