Importance Of Nursing Sports Bras To New Mothers.

A nursing bra is designed normally to provide easy access to the breast during breastfeeding. After pregnancy and postpartum healing, the body obviously goes through emotional and physical changes whereby one may plan to start working out.
This may require one to get new sports bras because the old ones might not fit since the boobs are bigger and more sensitive. Getting a new sports bra that is also breastfeeding friendly is helpful because they are comfortable.
When buying a nursing sports bra consider the following;


This is whereby you consider one size cup up for comfortability since breasts are mostly full. The extra space in the bra allows one to put breast pads in cases of leakage, the space also avoids constricting the nipples. Wearing too-tight bras may block the milk ducts thus leading to no or low milk production or may lead to infections like mastitis that can affect the mother emotionally and the ability to breastfeed.


A nursing sports bra should give enough support to the breast because they are usually full of milk and tend to be heavy. The support should be comfy because heavy support may be tough especially on sensitive nipples.

Easy to fasten

They should be easy to fasten or unfasten with one hand because your hands are normally fully occupied during breastfeeding. Nursing bras are made in different ways that enable easy fastening, like snaps, hooks, clasps, and squeezing. To breastfeed, fasten at the apex of the bra at the point where the shoulder straps attach. Other nursing bras may have zippers under each cup.

All-purpose bra

Picking an all-purpose bra is important because your breast will feel heavy most of the time. This kind of bra will enable one to work out in or wear on a different occasion.


The sports bra should be made of fabric that is breathable, cotton and it’s wide enough. It should also have straps that are adjustable especially when working out, depending on the type of exercise one is doing. They should also be comfortable for night use because one may experience milk filled breast that may leak when one is sleeping.

A sports bra that is nursing friendly is a very essential part of the wardrobe especially for expectant mums, breastfeeding mums and when having small kids that got you to run around. This is because they offer the support needed. They are made to last longer compared to the normal sports bra because the material stretches therefore accommodating different pregnancies.

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