How To Select And Use The Best Fiberglass Shower Paint

You’ve probably bought a new house, or maybe your shower is of age, and you want to renew it without having to spend so much money. Such moments require you to replace the entire features of the shower or carry out a detailed painting. Resurfacing, with the right fiberglass shower paint, is among the best approaches. Here is how to go about the entire process.

Remove some hardware that doesn’t require painting. Some items in your shower space don’t need any paint. Have the right plumbing and screwdrivers and carefully remove them. You’ll fix them later when done with the process. Since preparation influences the results you get, this step plays a vital role.

Clean the surface. Most often, you’re painting your shower because it has looks that don’t reflect your personality. It might have a lot of dirt, and removing the affected areas gives you a chance to know if there are any cracks. In case of cracks, your expert will fix them first. Cleaning requires quality products and abrasives to ensure a clear surface.

While the surface looks somehow clean, you’ll have to scuff it extensively. Scuffing requires appropriate tools to sand the surface to the extent that it becomes easy to absorb your paint. Also, note that you don’t paint immediately you sand the surface. You need to remove the residues and wipe the entire surface keenly.

Choose the paint based on your shower theme. There are multiple paints out there to go with, and it’s upon you to know what favors you most. If you want the best results, engage a professional who has been resurfacing the surfaces for help. The selection might seem an easy work, but a slight mistake will ruin your entire project. Once you have the paint, have it applied rightly.

After the first complete application on the shower surfaces, apply a subsequent coat. You’ll have to apply after it dries overnight. Two coats are enough. Remember that the entire process will require exceptional tools for work. Luckily enough, there are experts out there who will help you. Finishing the shower then follows. Give it time before you reattach the hardware.

The entire process can be a DIY, or you can hire a professional. However, considering that you’ll need an expert procedure and quality tools, professionals come in handy. Ready for a fiberglass shower paint application? Get in touch, and let’s guide you.

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