How To Enjoy The Perfect Getaways In Martinique

The exotic and natural beauty of Martinique is what attracts most people to the island. As one of the Caribbean holiday destinations, it’s graced with warm and lovely weather. You’re probably wondering what there is to do there. Never fear, Martinique Island has various engaging activities that should keep you occupied from the start of your vacation to the end. These include:


Places like the Schoelcher Library in Fort-de-France should be on your travel bucket list. Saint-Pierre is also an exciting city to visit. Built among the ruins of Martinique’s former capital which was destroyed by the Mount Pelée eruption in 1902, it has plenty of old relics to see.
Other architectural attractions include the Fort Royal, the Palais de Justice, Cathédrale Saint-Louis, to mention a few. There are also museums like Départemental d’Archéologie, and the Régional d’Histoire et d’Ethnographie, that features Creole furnishings, clothing, jewellery, and musical instruments.

Beach Activities

Martinique has numerous Oceanside towns you can stay in and spectacular beaches to bathe. A beach like Les Salines in Ste-Anne provides clear and calm waters everyone, even the kids, can enjoy. Its beach destinations are all breathtaking, with miles of palm trees and glistening sand. When you visit the beach here, you get that perfect tan you’ve always wanted. There are also plenty of water sports to try: diving, flyboarding, jet skiing, kayaking, paddling, and snorkeling. There are also cruises and boat rides you’re sure to enjoy.

Experience Festivals

Vaval is held in February every year. It’s a four days festival of masquerades, parades, dancing, and music. If you like cultural festivities, then Martinique has quite a number. The Tour des Yoles Rondes, a boating event, is held in August every year. Then Beaujolais Nouveau Celebrations happens at midnight on the third Thursday of November. It commemorates the beginning of the Beaujolais red wine season. Another all-time favorite is the Martinique Jazz Festival. A 10-day event starts in the last week of November and runs through the first weekend of December. International musicians come to Martinique to showcase their talents, and Jazz is rampant in the streets. You’ll be sure to have a blast.

Be One with Nature

If you love being in the wild, then the rainforest adventures are perfect for you. Trek forest trails, experience vast arrays of indigenous plants including blue mahout trees, and spot wildlife like cuckoos, parrots, and gamier. These hikes, scenic tram rides, and zip-lining activities will drive you wild. If Martinique’s rainforest isn’t your cup of tea, Balata Botanical Gardens will be more to your liking. Housing over 3,000 species of tropical plants and flowers, it’s a relaxing and picturesque holiday destination.

If you’re a foodie, there are many exciting cuisines to gobble up. Should you fancy backpacking your way from one town to another, Martinique Island offers many adventures in every village, town, and city. Explore the history and culture of the people, plus warm, beautiful, and exotic locations.

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