How Stand Up Desks Are Helping You

Did you know that standing at your desk can help you become more creative at work? Studies have shown that standing increases the blood flow to the brain, which makes it easier for your brain’s core processor to function at a higher level. Besides, it improves your concentration and executive function.

Reduces stiffness in back and joints

Stiffness in the back and joints is often caused by the accumulation of stress on the muscles. It can be sudden, like when you lift a heavy object, or it can be caused by repetitive movements over time. Muscle strain can also result in musculoskeletal pain syndromes. Some of these conditions affect the back, such as fibromyalgia, which is a syndrome that results in chronic pain throughout the body.

Arthritis can cause pain, stiffness, and a limited range of motion. Depending on the type of arthritis, the symptoms may be mild or severe and may even get worse over time. To reduce the symptoms, patients should seek treatment as soon as possible.

Improves focus

A recent study has shown that standing at a desk for at least 10 minutes each day improves focus and concentration. It is also proven to boost productivity. According to Texas A&M University, 70 percent of workers who used a standing desk for an hour reported improved mental focus. Furthermore, high school students who used standing desks also saw an improvement in memory and executive function.

One of the main benefits of using a stand-up desk is that it helps reduce the pain caused by sitting. In addition to reducing pain, standing for a long period of time can improve focus. Studies have shown that sitting for an extended period of time is exhausting and can cause a person to burn out. A standing desk can also change the surrounding environment, increasing energy levels, and focus.

Improves executive function

Stand Up desks are said to improve executive function, and a recent study found that these ergonomic workspaces helped students in a high school classroom to perform better on standardized tests. Researchers compared the performance of students at baseline and after they started using stand-up desks. They found that both groups improved on measures of academic achievement, memory span, and inhibitory function. Further, they also noted a positive effect on non-verbal fluid intelligence and operational memory.

Reduces weight

Using a stand-up desk can have several benefits for you. For starters, it helps you to reduce your weight. It has been proven that standing for a period of time burns more calories than sitting, making it a healthier choice. Additionally, standing at a desk can improve your mood, reduce stress, and increase your vigor.

In conclusion, standing desks are a great way to help you stay healthy and productive. They provide a comfortable working environment, help reduce back pain, and improve posture. If you’re looking for a way to improve your productivity and health, consider investing in a good stand-up desk.

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