Helpful Facts About Colored Toric Contact Lenses

Toric colored lenses are increasing in popularity nowadays. They are used to treat astigmatism and mostly preferred over standard contact lenses. Astigmatism is a defect in the eye’s lens, producing uneven sharpness and blurry images. It can also be due to an irregularly shaped eyeball.

Toric colored contacts are colored contact lenses with a combination of spheres and cylinders surfaces. Primarily, they are prescribed for people with astigmatism. Aside from blue contact lenses, other colors like green, gray, or honey-colored toric lenses are also available. Here are some reasons why you should get these lenses.

The first reason why you should choose toric contact lenses is that optometrists recommend them for astigmatism. Optometrists are the experts on lenses for corrective eyewear, and they can vouch that toric lenses give better correction for astigmatism.

Secondly, standard contact lenses are made of soft material. This will make it hard to maintain its shape. RGP kind of toric lenses can retain its shape efficiently compared to standard contact lenses. This will result in an even and sharp image.

The third reason for using these lenses is that they come in a lot of other variants, including colored lenses. You can use a colored lens to change the eye color or mask your natural eye color. Some even have floral patterns, so if you look closely at the eyeballs, you will see flowery patterns that add some coolness to your eyes.

The cost of a toric lens is a little high when compared to regular spherical ones. Perfect fitting of toric contact lenses over your eyes requires more experience, patience, and time. So it would help if you got proper directions from the optician at the time of purchasing them. Purchasing them will not complete your job. It would be best if you were very regular in cleaning them with a cleaning solution.


Toric colored lenses are now accessible in a wide variety. People with Astigmatic can now get the same options as those individuals wearing spherical contact lenses. Except for a different curvature or shape, aspheric lenses hardly have differences from spherical lenses in lens materials, styles, and so on. Silicone hydrogel, soft, rigid gas permeable types can all be found in toric lenses. Furthermore, toric contact lenses are available in colored, multifocal, bifocal, disposable, or even frequent replacement types meeting customer preferences and needs.

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