Why Gutter Cleaning Could Save The Home’s Foundation

Many homeowners neglect having their gutters cleaned, but it’s not just water passing through them. If you’ve neglected gutter cleaning Hertfordshire weather should be a motivating factor to call for a professional cleaner.

Not many trees around, so what else could clog my gutters? In addition to water, there are other elements that you will find will clog your rain gutters. Maybe the leaves are not a problem, since there are no trees near your property, but there are many other elements like bird’s nest, and flying debris that can become trapped.

Protecting Your Home’s Foundation

Gutters are a fundamental component of the roof, playing a dual role, both aesthetic and functional. All the water that falls into the roof must be properly disposed of downwards. In fact, the lack of outflow can cause serious damage to the building structure: infiltration, deterioration of walls, ceilings and floors, mold formation, damage to foundations.

The gutter consists of a drainage channel that runs along the entire perimeter of the roof with the function of collecting water. In order to perform this role effectively, the gutter must be correctly sized and must have sufficient slope to direct the flow towards the downspouts, vertical pipes that carry the water from the roof to the sewage drains or to any collecting tanks.

In addition, the gutter must be sturdy and solid, able to withstand the water flow of the roof and the weight of snow. Being always exposed to outdoor elements, the gutters must be made of wear-resistant materials, thus another reason to have gutters checked.

The maintenance of the gutters is essential to ensure their proper functioning: leaves, twigs, sediment carried by birds and animals that can become a growth ground for plant species. All these elements can clog the gutter and prevent the proper flow of water, causing flooding to the interior of the home.

It is therefore important to periodically clean the gutters and, if necessary, make repairs.

Cleanings Twice A Year

Cleaning your gutters frequently helps prolong the life, and will minimize any damage. Rain gutters should be cleaned twice a year-early fall and early spring. If you clean them in early fall, the grass will still be dry and if any is stuck inside, it will be easier to remove. When the rainy season begins, the water will flow freely from the roof to the downspouts, guaranteeing a little or no damage.

Maintenance is always vital to ensure the exterior and interior of the home remains safe from damage.

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