Guide To Buying An E-Cigarette Kit

When you want to stop smoking, you will obviously need a substitute. After all, you cannot get over your nicotine addiction that easily. It is important to note that nicotine can be a depressant or a stimulant depending on your mood. The most readily available source of nicotine is tobacco cigarettes. Unfortunately, cigarettes normally have a wide range of chemicals, which can produce harmful fumes when inhaled. When you smoke cigarettes for a long time, therefore, you may develop serious health problems, some of which are fatal. Therefore, it is recommended you quit smoking and look for nicotine from other sources. For instance, you can purchase an e-Cigarette kit and use it to meet all your nicotine needs.

An e-cig kit contains an atomizer, 18650 battery, charger, cartridge and e-liquid. Once you purchase the kit, you only need to read the instructions and assemble the kit to make your electronic cigarette. After that, you will only need to recharge the battery and top up the e-juice when necessary.

Choosing an E-Cig Kit

Since there are many brands of e-cigs out there, it is important you consider all the key factors when looking for a suitable kit. For instance, you should consider the:

i) Battery Capacity

E-cigs are powered by 18650 batteries. Since the ratings of the battery will affect your experience, be sure to look for a kit that comes with a powerful battery. The ideal battery should have a high battery capacity as well as a high operating current. This will help to ensure that you can get enough electrical energy to meet your vaping needs. Be sure to also check the safety track record of a battery to ensure it is not known to overheat or explode during discharging or charging.

ii) Atomizer Coil Rating

The atomizer is the unit responsible for producing heat to vapourise the juice or e-liquid. The higher the resistance, the more the vapour you can get from the unit. Therefore, you should pay attention to this rating.

iii) Tank Capacity

While you may want a big tank that can hold enough e-liquid to meet your vaping needs, you also want an e-cig that looks thin and sleek. Therefore, you will need to balance between your vaping and design needs.

iv) Price

Obviously, price is a key factor to consider. There are high-end starter kits as well as affordable units. Be sure to compare all the features offered by these units and order one that can fit into your budget.

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