Gifts For Anime Lovers

With the holidays approaching, everyone is scratching their heads while thinking about the best gifts to give their loved ones. The obvious answer is to present them with something that they already like. What are they are passionate about? What sort of activities do they spend time and money on? Did they make any hints about what they would like to receive? Are there things that they keep talking about? If your special person is an anime lover, then you are in luck. You can give them any of the thousands of merchandise available online in a wide range of prices.

Anime Shirts

Give them something that they can wear. Anime shirts are functional, long lasting, and universally appealing. Find out which series they watch they most and which character they identify with. Look for a design that features that character in his or her signature pose. If you are having trouble choosing, then ask their friends for advice. Perhaps these people know more about their preferences. See if there is a shirt with their favorite color to further sweeten the deal. If you can’t settle on one design, then just pick two or three of them. Shirts are fairly affordable so this should not be a problem.

Action Figures

Another option that you can consider are action figures. All of the famous characters are immortalized in their own 3D image. Some of these are casts and molds so they are not moveable. Others have moving joints so you can mimic their fighting poses and let them handle various weapons. The latter will be much more expensive than the former. Generally speaking, bigger figures will also fetch a higher price. You will also need to look at the quality of the product. Some of these are incredibly detailed from the hair down to the folds of their clothes. They are certainly worth buying if you have the budget.

Series Posters

Posters are also popular since these can be hung on the walls of bedrooms and gaming rooms. If you are giving them away as gifts, it might be a good idea to dress them up by putting them under glass with a wooden frame. These posters can be a nice centerpiece for a room, especially if they are collector’s edition designs or autographed posters by the creators.


You may want to consider giving the manga or comic book version of the anime. These are usually more advanced in terms of the plot line. The story is also more detailed since they are no time constraints. If you loved one is a big reader, then this type of gift might be appreciated.

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