Get A New Eye Color With High Prescription Contact Lenses

There are many ways to get yourself a new look. One is by changing your eye color. Apart from correcting your vision, high prescription color contacts can give you a subtle or bold look.

Different Types of Color Contacts

Colored contact lenses are usually designed to replicate the natural look of the central part of the eye (iris). Naturally, the iris is made up of beautiful lines and dots. The colored contact lenses mimic these features to give a more natural appearance. The lens center is designed to lie over the pupil and is very clear to allow the passage of light.

Types of Tints for High Prescription Contact Lenses

1) Opaque tint: If you want to completely change the color of your eyes, get this non-transparent tint. It is ideal for changing dark eyes dark eyes. Opaque tints come in a plethora of hues from blue, gray, green, amethyst, hazel, brown, and violet.
2) Costume contact lenses: They are also known as theatrical contacts. They are normally used by actors to create special effects.
3) Visibility tint: It is usually a green or blue tint lens that can be seen clearly during removal, insertion, or in case it drops. The tint is relatively faint and may not have a huge effect on the eye color.
4) Enhancement tint: A translucent which is darker than the visibility tint can be used to enhance eye color. It is recommended for light-colored eyes to make them more intense.

How to Choose the Best Tint for Colored contact Lenses

The ideal contact lenses for your eyes depend on your skin tome and hair color. However, the ultimate choice depends on the look you want to achieve. Determine whether you want natural, daring, subtle, or dramatic eyes.

If your natural eye is light in color, get a tint that will define the edges of the iris. Perhaps you want to try out different colors but retain a natural appearance. Then you can get a green or gray contact lens if blue is your natural eye.

Custom Contact Lenses

For a truly personalized look, you need custom tints for high prescription color contacts. Customized tints are designed with a wide array of hues in different intensities. They are semi-translucent and create a natural look for a healthy pupil. You can also have custom-made contact lenses to camouflage your eye injury or congenital eye defect. So, they are not just for cosmetic purposes. Contact lenses are very useful in improving the visual performance of professional athletes. The best thing about a sport tint is that it reduces the glare and increases contrast sensitivity. This means a high depth perception. For instance, green tints allow tennis players to clearly visualize the ball on the court.

Color contact lenses are absolutely safe. Make sure they are prescribed by a professional. Know how to use and care for them. Visit an experienced eye care professional to help with lens fitting.

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