Finding A String Instrument That Matches Your Playing Technique

Are you considering buying a musical instrument, either for yourself or for your kid? If you are, you should know that string instruments such as the guitar, the violin, the viola, the cello, and the bass are the easiest to play. The instruments are played differently, and it’s important to find the option that matches your preferred playing technique. From their name, the stringed instruments are designed to produce musical sounds when the strings vibrate. This is either after plucking, striking, or bowing.

Matching the Playing Technique with a String Instrument

As mentioned, there are three playing techniques for the stringed instruments. Before you buy string instruments online or from physical stores, you should be able to order an option that suits your playing style. How do you want to play the instrument? If, for example, you want an instrument that you can pluck to produce sound, the most popular ones are the guitar and the sitar. You can pluck the stringed instruments using your fingers or a thin plastic material, a plectrum. On the other hand, if your preferred string instrument is one that is played by striking, the most convenient ones are the piano, dulcimer, and some selected violins. Lastly, if you want to play an instrument by bowing (producing a long singing-like sound), the stringed instruments in this category include most violins, double bass, and the viola.

How to Change the Pitch

After you have bought a string instrument, you’ll realize that the quality of sound produced differs based on how the strings are adjusted. If you want to change the pitch, you need to adjust the length and tension of the strings. For instance, if you want a lower pitch, you should make the length of the strings longer and the tension free. Conversely, if you want a higher pitch, you need to make the string’s tension tight and the length shorter. With these adjustments, you can be able to arrive at a perfect pitch, one that fits your music needs.

Final Thoughts

The search for your ideal string instruments can be an exhilarating and rewarding journey. It is a process that not only needs time and patience but also application of systemic approach, especially when you are doing it for the first time. To get the most out of your stringed instrument, therefore, it’s essential that you purchase a design that you are comfortable playing. With the highlighted playing techniques, you have a range of options to choose from. Remember, with the right stringed instrument, you should be able to enjoy playing the musical equipment.

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