Finding Good Outdoors Podcasts

A podcast is an audio file that is like a radio commentary or a talk show but is stored in a digital format and is meant to be consumed over the internet. It is usually by a single speaker who is an expert on a subject or has a particular theme or selling point. It is like a video show that was recently made popular by streaming services but is entirely an audio format.

A Good Outdoors podcast can be used to advertise camping products or a particular way of life by tying it into real stories and information by experienced campers and survival experts. For the viewer, the primary focus is the central personality and their interesting descriptions of their adventures and insight. Their reward is entertainment and ideas about how to have a more interesting experience.

For the advertiser, the reward is product placement or ads near the podcast that relates to an adventurous lifestyle. A skilled outdoors person might not prefer a specific product except under particular circumstances, but a reference to a camping backpack followed by an add for a lightweight backpack is excellent product tie-in. Similarly, an expert can use a variety of knives, but a quality knife is ideal for the amateur.

Good Outdoors podcast personalities might like specialized products for hunting because stands and nets often come from a few trusted manufacturers. Other specialty equipment such as large tents that are durable under tough conditions might also be high-priced items that need to make an extra point in order to achieve sales. Whenever a product is distinct from others, there exists the potential to craft an interesting story.

A good podcast should be by a person who has an excellent speaking voice. It helps if the person looks the part, but for a podcast especially, the person should sound the part. This means having a speaking voice that mimics the role being conveyed, and the personality should also reflect the audience’s ideal of the role. This is to say, speakers are individuals with their own quirks but they should be clearly effective and admirable.

In fact, the flawed character is often associated with the everyman and is the most identifiable. Someone who does not have many resources and who improvises is highly admirable. On the flip side, the adventurer is more likely to have the money to spend on products, and this is most attractive to advertisers.

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