Factors To Consider When Selecting Contact Lenses

The convenience that comes with contact lenses has seen an increasing trend in their use. Moreover, you have an option for choosing eye-colored contacts from the many color variants available in the market. As such, you may need to do some research to establish the right contact lens for your current eye color. In addition, colored contact lenses are a fun way of changing your eyes to a different tint. You can even reshape the pupils to have a cartoon-like effect. However, color-changing lenses are not toys or accessories since, when not used correctly, they can cause harm to your eyes. Below are some elements to consider as you make your selection for contact lenses colors.

Your Eye Condition

It is crucial to note that contact lens is primary corrective eyewear options. Therefore, it is advisable to conduct an eye exam to establish the extent of visual refraction or acuity errors you may have. Furthermore, it will enable you to determine your proper prescription and lens type to address your eye condition. For instance, toric contact lenses are designed to manage astigmatism in your eyes. Still, there are multifocal lenses that offer assistance in viewing objects that are at a closer or distance range. Also, you may have a condition that will require a soft gas-permeable lens rather than a rigid type. Therefore, your eye condition will determine the type of contact lenses you will use.


Although contact lens has a myriad of benefits, some options are not meant for everyone. Thus, if you experience frequent eye infections and discharges, your optician may recommend different corrective eyewear. Moreover, severe eye allergies, keratoconus, and dry eye syndrome are among the eye conditions that may require you to sort other ocular remedies. It would be better to have an exam with your eye doctor before opting in for contact lenses. In addition, if you are constantly in contact with water or work in a dusty environment, you may need other options other than colored contact lenses.

Maintenance Requirements

Finally, before getting to buy those eye-colored contacts, it will help understand that they can be classified according to their replacement frequency. As such, you will be able to know which ones are the best for your eyes. Furthermore, to prevent any unwanted complications, it is recommended that you strictly adhere to the replacement schedules. For instance, you may opt for daily-wear lens where you wear in the morning and dispose of them in the evening. Other than that, there are those you should replace after two weeks, monthly, even up to three months. Also, your eye doctor will advise you on specific care requirements for the lenses.

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