What Every Business Owner Ought To Know About Social Mobile Marketing

The number of mobile users on social media is at an all-time high, and the figures are set to go even higher in the near future. According to recent research, there are currently five billion mobile users around the world, and of all these, about one billion use smartphones. In view of this, every business has to take action and make use of social mobile marketing so as not to miss out on the opportunities generated by this segment.

Over 95 percent of users who spend their time on Twitter do so through mobile apps, whereas about 80 percent of the traffic on Facebook comes from mobile gadgets. Other than that, more than any other mobile app, Facebook is the most downloaded, meaning there is a very large number of mobile users who have shifted from computer browsing to mobile usage, and this audience has a great influence on social conversations. With this in mind, it’s only sensible for a business to implement concrete strategies in order to meet the requirements of these mobile customers.

Getting Started With Social Mobile Marketing

In today’s business environment, optimizing your site for mobile use is inevitable; thus, you have to ensure that you leverage all the social networks to generate more leads and create increased awareness for your brand as well. To achieve this, you need to begin by adjusting all your Facebook activities to ensure that they suit mobile users. This essentially indicates that you should create meaningful content, leverage on effective media buying and planning, and post your Facebook messages at the right times.

Other than that, the percentage of mobile users on Twitter has increased by millions and compared to customers who use desktops, mobile users are way more active. Therefore, if you use Twitter for business, you have to structure your campaigns for mobile use. You can do this by leaving room for people to retweet and keeping your campaign messages brief. You have to be careful with how you use the hashtag though; overusing this feature will not yield any gain — you should only apply what is relevant to your brand.


There are many solid techniques that one can employ in order to integrate social mobile marketing into business campaigns. However, the most important thing to do upfront is to ensure that your site is mobile friendly because with this, you can be confident to reach your audience regardless of the devices they are on. Social media marketing may seem like an elusive task but by making use of the abovementioned tools and tips, you can be sure to get it done the right way.

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