Early Signs You Are Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Medication Fort Lauderdale as it is commonly known is a male sexual problem that renders them unable to have sex because of lack of erection or due to inability to sustain their erection during sex. While it is common among old men, it can also affect men of nearly all ages for one or more reasons. The effects of ED can be enormous, especially considering that it affects the esteem of a man. If you realize the signs of ED early enough, doctors can help you resolve the problem before it escalates into permanent ED that is irreversible.

The mention that you could be suffering from this condition can send shivers down your spine. While there are times when we may feel disinterested in sex, especially when we are emotionally stressed or tired, or without any reason, it can a real concern if it is persistent. But when should begin to get worried about your condition?

When To Get Worried

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a man is unable to maintain an erection when engaging in sexual intercourse. Some people think that erections are easy to have, especially upon a small arousal or even by virtue of getting moved by someone’s look, but it can get problematic at times. This can send your relationship to the rocks, especially if goes on and on. If it is not a one-off case or that it is happening when you are under immense emotional pressure, you need not to worry. However, when you experience it for a longer time and that your partner has realized it, it could be a sign you need the attention of a doctor to help you.

What to look out for

Below are a few telltale signs you could be suffering from erectile dysfunction:

Low sexual drive: If you have reduced libido or sex drive, you must begin to worry about your erections. If you no longer are interested or get interested in sex as much as you used to, even amidst a rosy relationship, this is enough to tell you that something is wrong and that you could be suffering from ED.

Inability to get an erection: In some cases, even when you are sexually moved, and feel like getting involved in a sexual intercourse, your body may not respond to your urge despite any efforts to get aroused.

Difficulties maintaining an erection: Sometimes you may manage to get an erection, but maintaining it for long could be a problem. This might come in form of premature ejaculation where you attain orgasm as soon as you start to engage in sex or when you suddenly lose your erection without climaxing.

Whichever the sign you associate your ED with, you will need to schedule with a doctor who specializes in the male reproductive system for diagnosis Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Medication Fort Lauderdale of your erectile dysfunction problem.

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