Dream Catchers Derby Review: Interesting Facts About Derby

Derby is a city in the UK that lies in the Derbyshire authority area. The 2011 census indicates that the population of Derby City was 284,700. Of course, the next census is expected to show a massive increase in the population. Derby boasts of great infrastructure, characterized by great roads such as the Mercian Way and railway stations such as the Central Train Service. With respect to road transport, there are great coaches that provide transport to locals and tourists visiting the city. The air transport sector is also advanced. For example, the East Midland Airport, located 24 km from the city centre, is served by Ryanair and Jet2 air services.

History of the City

Traditionally, Derby was referred to as a county town because of the initial settlers who were the Romans. The city gained its status in 1977. The name of the city has a Danish origin which means “Deer Settlement.” Evidence shows that Derby boasts of archaeology and history. This is demonstrated by the co-existence between the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. The town is a unitary authority and in 2014, it split into 17 wards.

Dream Catchers Blog’s Recommended Places of Interest

The major beauties of Derby include:

• Derby Arboretum: For great green provisions and attractive landmarks.

• Derby Canal: A major water transport channel in the city.

• Derby Cathedral: Houses great monuments and historical furnishings.

• St. Marys Church: One of the oldest churches in the city.

• Cathedral Quarter: Houses different outdoor events in the city

• Darley Abbey: A historic mill centre in Derby.

• Derby Industrial Museum: Identified with the historic Silk Mill

• Derby Museum and Art Gallery: For great historic artefacts from the UK and the other parts of the world.

• River Derwent: For attractive nature

• Intu Shopping Centre: For great shopping experience

• Royal Crown Derby: For a factory and museum tour

• Pickford’s House Museum: For great historical artefacts

Culture of Derby

Derby boasts of music, sports, art, and recreational centres in its cultural repute. The music culture is characterized by live bands, pop music, and live concerts. The locals have always liked football and the city boasts of Derby County FC. Other sports that are popular in the city include rugby, basketball, and cricket. The art culture is highlighted by great art centres and theatres such as the QUAD. Lastly, the recreational culture is facilitated by public parks.


Following the settlement of the Romans back in the 1970s, Derby grew fast during the industrial period. In fact, the city claims to be among the pioneers of Industrial Revolution in the UK. After the establishment of the railway in the 19th century, the city became the railway headquarter of Britain. Other than hosting the rail centre, Derby is home to Rolls-Royce, a top aero-engine manufacturer.


Derby is a fascinating city. It’s not only rich in beauties but it also has an interesting history and culture. With so much to see, do, and learn in Derby, there is no doubt that it’s UK’s pride. For more information on other cities that are worth visiting, feel free to follow Dream Catchers blog.

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