How To Design Beauty Cinemagraphs Using Your Smartphone And Computer

In Los Angeles, the beauty industry borrows a lot from other art industries. The most notable ones are photography and videography. The use of the Smartphone to promote beauty brands is not a new thing. Provided that the device has a good camera and you have attractive models to act as ambassadors for your beauty product, you can produce great Cinemagraphs.

What are Cinemagraphs?

If this is your first time to come across this term, you may be surprised that you are familiar with the art, only that you never knew its name. Cinemagraphs are artistic blends between motion pictures (cinematography) and still pictures (photography). Instead of having plain images of models promoting your beauty product, you can create some motions in parts of your images. This is what Cinemagraphs are all about. What you get is something attractive and unique. Beauty Cinemagraphs Los Angeles services are offered by talented cinematographers. You too can make a good cinematographer with just your Smartphone and Computer.

Creating Cinemagraphs

To create beautiful Cinemagraphs, you should follow these simple steps:

• Take attractive beauty images: You should take as many images of your beautiful models as possible using your Smartphone and choose the ones that you want to represent your brand.

• Shoot quality footage: You need to again use your Smartphone to capture a short video of your model with emphasis on specific parts of their body. For example, if you are promoting eyeshadows or mascara, you should concentrate the footage on the eye of the model so that the consumer can see the product in action. The footage should run 10-30 seconds.

• Edit the Video: This is where your computer comes into action. If you want precise details on the video, you can use video editing programs to edit the footage.

• Join the two: Using the image editing software programs, you can infuse the short footages into the images. The result is a creatively crafted beauty Cinemagraph. It’s very attractive and effective in promoting your beauty brand.

To get the most out of your cinemagraphs, you should always plan ahead and understand your overall composition as well as where you want to introduce movements. Remember that the motion should be subtle and controlled in a particular area, especially where you want to draw the attention of your audience to.


To master the art of designing attractive Cinemagraphs, you need skills in photography and videography. Nonetheless, you can also hire beauty cinemagraphs Los Angeles experts to help you create attractive images to promote your beauty brand.

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