Considerations For Boarding House Design And Construction

The student population is growing every year. They need more boarding house units for their accommodations and developers are keen on providing those. These projects have to be studied carefully in order to avoid costly mistakes and ensure success. Below are just some of the considerations for boarding house design and construction:

Efficient Use of Space

Land is quite valuable and building projects are costly. On the other hand, students are always on a tight budget so the units cannot be too expensive. The solution is usually to reduce the size of each unit to accommodate more renters and make the project profitable. The size constraint forces designers to think creatively in an effort to use the allotted spaces with high efficiency. They often resort to multi-level beds, dual-purpose furniture, open plan rooms, large windows, and other strategies to make units functional without looking too cramped.

Productive Environment

The design should consider the kind of people who will inhabit the rooms and their needs. Students are primarily there to study so the boarding house must provide a productive environment for them. It is crucial for each room occupant to have their own study table, for example. The walls should be thick enough to reduce noise bleed. There must be adequate sockets for charging electronics and reliable HVAC solutions to keep everyone comfortable.

Health and Safety

The building should promote the health and safety of the occupants. Students are likely to be stressed with schoolwork and deprived of sleep. They could succumb to illness if their environment is not ideal. For example, designers can choose nontoxic materials to improve indoor air quality. Air purifiers may also be installed across the building. The plan should also pass relevant construction codes on the use of non-flammable materials and the presence of fire exits at strategic areas.

Balanced Privacy and Community

Every room should have its privacy so that students who need to be alone can focus on their homework. However, the building should also have communal areas where people can gather for meetings and other group activities. There is usually a common lounge on the ground floor which may also be accessible to visitors. If the top of the building has a roof deck, then that might have a common area as well.

Visual Impact and Branding

The interior décor should have a strong visual impact to attract prospective renters. The building should also be on-brand and unique. For example, a boarding house design and construction that aims to attract the top students should hint at their dedication to high achievement. Another that wants to attract varsity athletes should have sports-themed décor.

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