Compelling Reasons To Sell Your Smartphone To An Android BuyBack Service

Over 60% of American’s own smartphones and the number is growing by the day. With people upgrading their phones on an average every 18 months, this means that a lot of cellphones are becoming abandoned. So if you own an Android smartphone and thinking of selling or upgrading it with a newer more advanced device, consider doing so through a buyback service. Below are some compelling reasons why you should dispose off your phone to an Android buy back service.

You’ll Make Some Money

One of the reasons why you should dispose your older Android device to a buyback service is you’ll make some cash. If you paid $500 for your phone a couple years ago, it would be better to cash it on its value now before it depreciates further and become worthless. Many people would jump on the idea of selling their used phones for a fair amount rather than throwing it away.

Fast Transaction

The process of trading in your smartphone with a buyback service is faster selling it through other services. With a buyback service, you’ll get a price immediately, and if it’s fair, sell the device within a few minutes.

To sell your smartphone, just choose the buyback service you prefer to trade with, confirm that you want to trade your device, fill in a few details, and you are done. You’ll receive an email from the company advising you on how to send your phone to them and how you will receive your money.

An Early Upgrade

Technology is evolving at a very fast pace, and if you buy the latest model of your smartphone today, it will probably be outdated within a year or even a few months. This means that you’ll need an upgrade. The good news is most carriers across the country can buyback your phone and hook you up with a brandy new upgraded one of you have renewed your contract. Alternatively, you can sell it to a buyback company and get some cash to use for something else, or request them to hold it as down payment for a better device.

Phones Lose Value Fast

Smartphones are valuable assets. However, their value depreciates quickly with time or when a new model is launched. The longer you hold on to your current device, the more it loses its value. We recommend that you try and estimate how long it will take for a new model to hit the market, and then sell it to a buyback service for cash or an upgrade.

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