Choosing A Sydney Party Band

The Sydney music scene is a mecca of professional musicians. Choosing Sydney Party Bands for your wedding or special event can be exciting as the event itself. Many bands use talent agents if you request demo tape you can get a sampling of their musical prowess. There are as many styles and types of party bands as you can imagine.

Band and DJ combination

The DJ and Band combination is popular for weddings. You can enjoy softer DJ entertainment while you greet your guests and enjoy the wedding meal. The band usually comes on after meal-time; this makes for a calmer warm up to your wedding celebration and is also cost effective. A DJ is less expensive than a band and cutting the hours of the actual live band for after the meal when the favorite part of the evening begins (celebration and dancing) makes good cents.

Theme and tribute band

Theme and tribute bands are very popular for special events. Some theme partys promote the dress up to match the theme. Some of the more popular themes are Island Music, Disco, Swing and Jazz. Although it may seem confusing to think of Disco, Swing and Jazz to be a theme party but the popularity of those eras is exciting to replicate by dressing up and attending a theme party dedicated to that musical time era. Tribute bands are popular especially as many of the 70’s musical genius begin to pass. The Beatles by far is the most popular tribute band on the scene but Jimmy Buffet is also a popular tribute styled band that crosses into a tribute and theme band.

Ethnic band

If you have a strong ethnic influence in your family you may consider an ethnic band that plays cultural music from your heritage. This is popular in some of the pocket neighborhoods. Australia has a strong European, Asian and American (North and South) cultural music influence in the industry. Ethnic bands such as the Polka band or the Ompa band are the more common reference but all cultures have their signature bands.

Genre bands

Musical genre refers to a style of music such as Pop, Disco, Country, Hip-Hop, Oldies and such. Disco is still the most popular form of music in demand for events, but Oldies bands come into a close second. Depending on the event, and age definition of the attendees of your event may come into factoring the band you may choose. Special events such as a corporate event may warrant a diverse blended musical repertoire from the band. A private party may want a specific sound or style and choose a more targeted style such as pop and contemporary music.

Choosing live music for your special event will always be the right choice. As you enjoy the talent pool of Sydney Party Bands you also support the Arts in your community.

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