Choosing Personal Care Packages

Our needs change throughout our lives. As we get older, we tend to lose some of our strength, mobility, and sharpness so we may need assistance to compensate. Many can still move about well even in their diminished state so they don’t have to be confined to a hospital or an elder care facility. They can live at home as usual and simply get visits from a caregiver. The level of assistance provided can differ a great deal from one case to another. There are various personal care packages Sydney companies offer, allowing clients to get exactly what they want at reasonable costs.

Physical Condition

The package should be tailored to the current physical condition of the clients. Are they still about the stand and walk without assistance? Do they feel any aches and pains when they try to move around the house? Can they go up and down the stairs with no worries? Can they cook, clean, wash, and bathe by themselves? Are they able to go out of the house to shop for their needs and visit their friends? If they are still fairly active, then they might only need an occasional visit of a few hours each week. If not, then perhaps longer and more frequent visits can be arranged.

Mental State

The mental state of the elderly should also be considered as this can have a profound effect on their ability to care for themselves. For example, those who have just lost their long-term partner tend to fall into a depression that makes them lethargic and unable to function as normal. They may not have the strength or the urge to eat, take medicine, clean their surroundings, bathe themselves, and so on. They will be sorely lacking in companionship if their spouse has been the only person living with them for so long. They might take a while to transition and caregivers can help them do this.

Scope of Work

Another consideration for personal care packages is the scope of work for the caregivers. If their only task is to help keep the house clean, then should be able to do so without any problems with two to three visits each week. These could last for an hour or two depending on the size of the home and the list of tasks to be performed. However, those who require more monitoring and companionship may want to avail of an intensive package that sees the caregiver visiting every day just to check and converse with the client, as well as provide assistance when taking medicine, preparing food, and caring for personal hygiene.

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