All About The Cenacle Retreat

There are times in one’s life when you may feel that you are overwhelmed, either by your own struggles and personal situation, or by a recent unforeseen situation. Times like these take a lot out of you mentally and as a result, physically as well. People who need a break from the hectic pace of life should take consider spending time at the Cenacle Retreat. This is where you will get a chance to find yourself and reflect on your goals, aspirations for the future and simply what your purpose in life is. The Cenacle retreat program places a lot of emphasis on making a connection with God as direction for your life will flow from this relationship with God.

Spiritual Retreat Direction program

Every four weeks, hourly appointments are scheduled, where you will get the opportunity to speak to the spiritual director and simply air your views and concerns. You may also ask relevant questions. The main focus of these sessions is to get you to realize and understand the role you play in the grand scheme of life. In order for this program to work for you, you need to attend it faithfully and approach it seriously as it is a matter of finding your purpose in life.

Your Sanctuary in the City

The Cenacle is a beautiful location. You will be surrounded by lush green grounds and pathways that fill you with a sense of peace. The atmosphere is quiet and it is this ambiance that invites you to re-examine your relationships in life, your goals and your hopes and dreams for the future. You also be taught various prayers that will help in your meditation and your ultimate goal of reaching spiritual enlightenment.

This facility has various pathways and private settings that are ideal for private prayer and meditation. You will have access to fountains, labyrinths, swings and hammocks and private access to the Terry Hershey park, where you can enjoy long scenic walks by yourself or accompanied by a friend.

prayer35005Food prepared by a professional chef is offered at the retreat. You may take advantage of the full breakfast, lunch and dinner options depending on your arrival and departure times. These meals are free and so is the linen and towels that you will find in your room. The rooms at the Cenacle Retreat facility do not contain TV’s telephones and other modern distractions. This is done in an effort to encourage meditation and peaceful reflection on your life. The whole purpose of this retreat is to enjoy rest and quiet time in the presence of God. it is not necessary to live a formal prayer life before coming to the retreat and the only requirement is that you have a true and burning desire to establish a relationship with God.

These facilities are available to churches, schools and other non profit communities. There are various conference and meeting rooms that are able to accommodate groups of various sizes. While most rooms can only comfortably accommodate between 8 to 25 people, the meeting hall accommodates up to 80 people comfortably. Guests have access to the Cenacle Retreat Book store that sells books about spiritual reflection, by various authors. You may also find a selection of music that will help in your journey to finding peace and making that permanent connection with God.

This is a non profit organization, however, it requires donations from those who are able to give in order to continue the good work.

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