Tips For Setting Your Corporate Voicemail Greetings

Your company number must have corporate voicemail greetings that set a strong brand image in front of your prospective clients. When a customer gets your company number and dials it, then he is expecting your quick response. In case you are away from the desk and not available on call, then a professional greeting message will keep the connection alive and let you attain or retain your customers. Here are some tips that prove helpful in setting the best voicemail greetings.

Don’t Set Music in Background.

If you want your message to be conveyed to the caller in a clear cut manner, try not to set any music. Sometimes, music rhythm and your voice sync at one point and the message becomes unclear. Don’t take any risk and record your message into a place where there is no music or distortion of any kind.

Keep Message Concise and Meaningful

You need to add all the essential details into your voicemail greetings. The first important thing is your name or your company name. You need to keep it at the start of your message, so that a caller knows that he is calling the right company. For example, you can start a message like that “Hi, and It’s John from XYZ company. Now the next important thing is to provide an excuse, like “I’m away from my desk due to vacation or an event”.
Ask your call to record his message with his name and contact details so that you will call him shortly. You can also add the exact time when you will be available, so the caller gets an idea when he can expect a response from your side. Don’t add unnecessary details in your message. Your greetings shouldn’t be too long to get any response from the caller. Everyone is busy, therefore always create short and meaningful voicemail greetings for corporate numbers.

Write a Script and Let Other Review it

It’s good to write a script of your corporate voicemail greetings and then record it carefully. As far as the tone of your voice is concerned, you must sound professional. A casual voice won’t leave any good impression. Also, don’t rush with a voicemail message. Stay calm and speak clearly so other people know what you are saying. Write down a script, record a message, and play it. As your company’s image is based on this message, so you can involve other colleagues and ask them what they think about a script or a message you recorded. Sometimes, a second opinion pinpoints mistakes that you can fix quickly and come up with the best greetings.

Anti Aging Tips On A Shoestrings Budget

Anti aging tips tend to be dished out, even when they’re not solicited. Take them with a grain of salt, but don’t feel bad about receiving them. After all, the people who are giving them are just trying to be helpful.

They’re not necessarily looking at your wrinkles or trying to guess your age. Anti aging tips can work when you least expect, so the more, the merrier. A far better approach is to try them out first and complain later if you still feel like it.

Taking sunblock lotion on a regular basis is definitely one of the top ones out there. No doubt about it, it’s a big help. Having that shield on all the time can go a long way in fighting the sun’s harmful rays.

Make sure you never underestimate solar damage. Even the morning sun can hurt your delicate skin. Therefore, giving yourself just a little bit of direct exposure per day should be enough to get your full dose of vitamin D.

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Skin cancer is on the rise because there’s an increasing number of people defying simple facts about human biology. So the next time you think of going to a tanning salon, just consider the risk that you’re taking! It’s not worth it.

If not cancer, premature aging is a consequence of the tanning lifestyle especially for Caucasians. Plastic surgery and even the most expensive serums are no match for defying solar power. Protection is a must and there’s no ifs or buts about it.

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