A life changing win of the lottery is the dream of millions and the realization of just a few. For the few whose lucky stars line up and shine down upon them, winning the National Lottery can mean wealth untold and the doors to opportunity swinging wide open. Playing as part of a syndicate can increase your chances of winning if every member picks and plays. Ten million pounds divided up evenly between five or ten members of a syndicate is still nothing to discount. Getting started is easy and the paperwork exists online to form your syndicate. You cannot play the National Lottery Syndicate anywhere outside of the country. Statistics indicate that people who play the National Lottery in groups of syndicates actually increase their chances of winning a big win. Players who purchase as many tickets as they are able increase their chances of hitting the big win. A syndicate can agree to contribute a minimum weekly or monthly amount that will go towards the purchase of ticket(s) while reducing the cost of transport to the store or other ticket outlet. In this way, the winner may have less to claim against the number in his or her syndicate, but also reduces his or her tax burden. Obviously, the syndicate will choose to spend money on the big draws and not waste time on the smaller games. In fact, as the popularity of playing the lottery in the United Kingdom has grown, it has given rise to an interesting cottage industry: syndicate management firms. These firms make their salt by making it possible for people, of legal age throughout the world to join in on a National Lottery Syndicate and increase their chances of winning a life changing amount of money. By being a member of a syndicate, the large majority of players will eventually, through sheer statistics, enjoy a win. One particular syndicate management firm even gives its clients the option to buy tickets from a multitude of different games, both domestically and internationally. This leveraging of sources improves the chances for the player to become a winner as well. A player may also buy numbers of entries per week based on the particularly program chosen to participate in. This ups the chances for even a nominal win every day and it reduces the actual cost per drawing to just pennies per play. This is a fantastic savings for the player. Many people daily win anything from a nice Christmas to early retirement.