Food Trucks

Tips For Opening A Pizza Parlor

If you’re interested in staring your own wholesale pizza bases, then you’re probably aware of the in depth process involved. If you have a limited budget, you might want to start with a food truck first. Once you’ve succeeded at selling pizza via a food truck and saved up an adequate amount of money, you can then move up by opening an actual restaurant. Here are some tips for reaching your goals as soon as possible:

Purchase a used truck

Since you’ll just be starting out, you should keep your expenses to a minimum. One thing that will keep your expenses low is to invest in a used truck. If you search, you should be able to find a used truck that can be used for your business at an affordable price. Of course you want one in great condition that isn’t going to cost a lot in ongoing repairs, so choosing the right truck is important.

Keep your menu simple

By keeping your menu simple in the beginning, you can keep your expenses low. Simply offering 2 or 3 types of pizzas and a few sizes and beverages is a good idea to get started. Once you’ve begun making a profit, you can start adding to your menu.


In order to increase your chances of making good sales, you’ll need to visit some heavily populated areas. This will require you to perform research about of time, as well as travel to different locations where many people will be. Think large factories where numerous employees will purchase from you for lunch, special events and more. The more you target larger crowds, the more successful you’ll be.

Find your supplies for cheap

As a business, you will have access to many wholesale pizza bases, enabling you to save as much money as possible. It may not be a good idea to choose the first vendor that you find. It would be more beneficial to get prices from all prospective vendors before making a choice. This tactic should be used when purchasing all your supplies for your food truck, as your goal is to get started for as cheaply as possible.

So if you’re ready to start your pizza food truck, this guide should help you get started for as little as possible. There is no reason to pay top dollar, especially in the beginning, unless failing to do so will compromise the quality of the pizza that you serve.

How To Become A Food Truck Vendor

If you’re in the food service industry, there are a lot of opportunities to get in front of hungry customers. The traditional route is to start a restaurant or catering business however many foot artisans seldom think of being a food truck vendor.

This business has a lot of flexibilities, rewards, and opportunities for huge profits. Those who have a talent for restaurant management and food preparation should try their hand at serving customers in a mobile capacity.

What is A Mobile Food Truck Vendor?

This is not a person who pushes a cart around on the street from day to day. Food truck vendors often serve huge venues like concerts, opening day baseball games, church gatherings, concerts, and other events.

They have large, specially built trucks that are designed based on the type of food they are serving. They contain all of the equipment and supplies that a person needs to sell food to large crowds of people.

Why is it Good to Be A Food Truck Vendor?

When you have a restaurant, people can choose to frequent or not. You don’t really have an opportunity to get in front of new people or keep the people that live around the restaurant coming in again and again without doing a lot of marketing and advertising.

Food vendors however can serve crowds anywhere and those groups of people are a captive customer base. That means they usually don’t have many other options other than to frequent the food trucks that are at a given venue.

How to become a mobile food truck vendor

The first thing you need is a plan on what type of food you’ll serve. For many entrepreneurs, this will be decided early on by the type of food they are good at cooking and serving. Then depending on the geographic area a person lives in, they must purchase the required truck, equipment, and licensing to serve food on a mobile basis.

There are many regional and national retailers that specialize in selling made to order food trucks for your specific purposes. This could include custom cook tops, refrigeration units, coolers, rotisseries, and other equipment.

How Much do Food Truck Vendors Make?

This is a loaded question because earnings will be based on what type of food you’re selling, what markets or partnerships you are able to be a part of, and your overhead costs. Just like any other business, these factors can all influence your bottom line.

The great part about a food truck is that it opens the door for opportunities in a much larger radius than a traditional restaurant.