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Stabilised Chlorine And Your Options

The advantages of stabilized chlorine are obvious: it’s cheaper, lasts longer, and requires less frequent refilling than other forms of chlorine. It also cuts down on the harmful chemicals that stabilized chlorine contains and the costs associated with using it. In addition, it tends to be less volatile, so it’s less likely to produce dramatic swings. Ultimately, this means that you can get a cleaner pool faster. So, why should you choose stabilised chlorine?


Activ-Ox is a highly effective solution for removing Legionella pneumophila. This bacterium is responsible for causing Legionnaires’ disease. It can also effectively kill a wide range of bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and amoebas. Its high yield and dilution rate allows it to be a highly effective solution. Activ-Ox is safer, easier to use, and more effective than traditional stabilised chlorine dioxide solutions.
This patented system produces chlorine dioxide completely and instantly.

The Activ-Ox process eliminates the need for reaction vessels and mixing tanks, which are both bulky and delicate. Unlike conventional systems, Activ-Ox stabilized chlorine dioxide is added directly to treated water rather than diluted by other means. The Activ-Ox is safer and simpler to use than conventional systems because the chlorine dioxide solution does not require the production of hydrogen gas or a reaction vessel. The system uses a special “T” fitting which contains the chlorine dioxide solution.

Activ-Ox stabilizes the chlorine in swimming pools, providing the same benefits of UV and Ozone but without the risk of over-stretching the pool. It’s a versatile solution that can be used for a variety of uses. Activ-Ox is best suited for indoor swimming pools that require a quick dose when heavy usage is high. This product is also ideal for shock treatments, as it does not produce any unpleasant odors.


The main difference between trichlor and regular chlorine is the stabilised form of the latter. Typically, trichlor is sold in granular, stick, or tablet form. It is easy to use, soluble in water and does not generate insoluble solids or contribute to scaling. The stabilized form also has some added benefits. Here are some reasons to choose trichlor as your swimming pool’s disinfectant.

A tri-color stabilised chlorine product contains cyanuric acid, which replaces hydrogen in water. Because trichlor contains more than just chlorine, it also increases cyanuric acid and total dissolved solids (TDS). It has a pH of three, is relatively cheap, and has a long shelf life. It is one of the most affordable types of chlorine available, but it is also one of the most volatile. Tri-color stabilised chlorine should not be handled by children or pets, as it can trigger an explosive reaction when mixed with calcium hypochlorite.

Calcium hypochlorite

Calcium Hypochlorite is one of the most popular pool sanitizers. Its broad spectrum sanitizing action tackles bacteria, viruses, fungi, and microscopic plant life. This product comes in granular and briquette forms, and it is also an excellent algaecide and bactericide. It is suitable for residential and commercial swimming pools. Its weight means that it is subject to a delivery surcharge, but the benefits outweigh this minor drawback.

In addition to controlling algae and bacteria in swimming pools, Calcium Hypochlorite stabilizes chlorine in the water without leaving a residue. Its 70% availability means that it is suitable for everyday use, shock treatment, and super chlorination. It is the most common pool sanitizer on the market today. Calcium Hypochlorite can also be used as a shock treatment or granular solution.

Benefits Of An Electrostatic Disinfection System

An electrostatic disinfection system (aka Plasma Sanitation System) is an amazing tool that allows for the care of many surfaces, objects, and materials without using chemicals. For example, food preparation areas, medical equipment, surgical instruments, water containers, baby bottles, and toys can all be disinfected with this process. Disinfecting means eliminating (killing) bacteria, viruses, or fungi on inanimate animals objects. However, there are limitations on what type of object/s it can be used on and where it can be used, so please read further to find out more about plasma sanitation systems before considering investing in one for your home or business.

Plasma sanitation systems release high concentrations of ionized oxygen atoms (aka positive charged O2 ions) and/or ozone gas molecules (O3) into the air in a controlled environment where they combine to form a residual oxidizing agent.

The word sanitization means that something has been made safe from infection by disease-carrying organisms. For that to occur, an item must be properly cleaned and disinfected. Sanitation may also refer to environmental measures taken to reduce the population of disease-carrying organisms, such as garbage cans and sewers. Sanitization is one form of sterilization. Sterilization refers specifically to any process that removes or kills all forms of life and other biological agents from an object or so it’s free of them.

Sanitization and sterilization are two terms applied to cleaning surfaces in hospitals, laboratories, and other healthcare facilities. In such places, precautions are taken against microbes that may be harmful to patients. Sterilizing is an effective method for removing or killing all life forms from items or surfaces because microorganisms are living entities. Even viruses are not quite dead, so they can’t be said to have been truly sterilized by most traditional methods. The term disinfection means that something has been made safe to use by reducing its number of germs or making it free of them altogether. Disinfecting does not necessarily kill every single germ on a surface but rather reduces their numbers greatly. This is why something that has been disinfected may still be contaminated. Disinfection, therefore, is a subset of sterilization.

To say all viruses have been killed doesn’t mean the object or surface being discussed has reached an acceptable level of cleanliness. Ultimately to get down to an acceptable level of cleanliness, the process must kill every last living cell on an item-bugs included. That’s simply not possible with today’s technology. One way to think about it is that ‘sanitization’ means you’ve made things safe for other people, while ‘disinfection’ means it’s safe for yourself after you use them!

In conclusion, an electrostatic disinfection system is designed to sanitize items while leaving them fully functional. It’s the process of using an electrostatic field to accelerate oxygen atoms to speeds high enough to split apart water molecules surrounding germs, viruses, and bacteria to neutralize their DNA. It allows for complete combustion (dissolution) at the molecular level (Oxidization).

Electrostatic Sanitizer – Different Types Of Sanitizers For Sterilization

Electrostatic sanitizers are types of contact all sanitizers that use electrostatically charged elements to attract contaminates. The contaminates then trapped on a surface, where they can be removed.

The most common forms of electrostatic sanitizers would be those used to clean computer parts and other delicate electronic equipment where the absence of moisture is critical for preventing corrosion. However, these sanitizers have been found to work well as sterilizers as well.

This sort of device and installed units work by using two plates that create an electric field between them when a high enough voltage is applied. The contaminates become attracted to one or more of the plates, depending on their polarity and charge, and remain stuck there until cleaned away with a brush or cloths. Some of these devices allow for multiple plates to be installed at angles allowing for multi-directional cleaning.

An effective but less common type of electrostatic sanitizer uses a UV lamp to emit ionized atomic particles. These particles are then attracted to surfaces much in the same way as described above, where they are quickly neutralized by an opposite charge or broken apart into smaller charged molecules that can’t do damage.

These sorts of sanitizers provide no residual protection against contaminants, though it is possible for hydrogen bonding among contaminants to take place in some cases. To make up for this, many people will spray their objects down with water using one device while drying them off with another before moving them around or touching them with bare hands. It should be noted, however, that these types of sanitizers are not safe for medical-grade equipment, as the hydrogen bonds can damage sensitive circuitry.

Electrostatic sanitizers are considerably more expensive than other types of contact sanitizer, but many believe it’s a worthwhile investment for their peace of mind and knowing they’re not putting others at risk with a contaminated product.

In conclusion, electrostatic sanitizers can be a great asset to anyone that needs to sterilize items, especially those with expensive equipment. When searching for electrostatic sanitizers, look online for companies that offer experimental kits and guidance if you’re new to the process. You can install these devices in your own home with relative ease, allowing you to keep your product safe without the need for extensive training. You can also consult sellers to learn more about what they offer and the best sanitizers in the market.

Significant Benefits Of Utilizing UV Cleaning Light For Sanitization

Having clean items and hands is vital in maintaining proper health in the human body. Over time, people have found many useful ways of disinfecting surfaces, objects, and body parts. Recently, UV light has been discovered to be effective in killing germs and bacteria. The proper wavelength for the light to be adequate is between two hundred and two hundred and eighty nanometers, which is the same wavelength that causes sunburns to people.

To get the best out of this device, you need to ensure you purchase the right equipment. This is done by buying the equipment from a reputable dealer since such dealers are trusted to deliver quality products, buy a reputable brand, and an affordable pouch. Having the right UV cleaning light device will enable you to enjoy these benefits.

It is Non-Toxic

Most products and gadgets used for cleaning utilize chemicals that are harsh to the germs. The substances often leave residues on the item or body art. You are cleaning and can cause harmful skin reactions, especially to a person with sensitive skin. Also, most of these chemicals are highly toxic to the environment. However, using UV cleaning light rays for disinfection is not chemical but rather a physical process. This means that it is a safe method to utilize for both the people and products since it does not leave a harmful chemical residue. As such, the method can help businesses in the hospitality sector since the light rays can be used to disinfect food.

It is Effective

A significant benefit that has made many people shift to this alternative is that the method kills more bacteria than other forms of disinfection. This means that this method’s effectiveness will enable individuals to enjoy this alternative more than other methods. The technique has helped significantly control specific problems like mold growth and the spread of spores.

It is Affordable

Most people tend to assume that this alternative is costly since it utilizes technology. However, this is far from the truth. This method has been seen to be reliable and affordable for many people. This technology can significantly help you save a lot of money over a long period since it does not require maintenance as long as you maintain it in proper condition. Also, the installation of these items is labor stress-free and cost-free.


In case you have safety concerns, this product has been tested and seen to be one of the safest methods of sanitization. The product is built with quality systems that can sense when the room has no occupant and automatically turns on. If you have a business, it can significantly help you keep items clean while saving on costs simultaneously.

Benefits Of The Kitchen Broom

There has never been a shortage of cleaning products in the market. However, most of the time, the most efficient tools tend to be the simplest. Kitchen brooms have been with us for many years, and the work they undertake cannot be understated. Whenever you want to sweep dust, dirt, crumbs, and any other debris, the broom is there to help you out.
Here are the benefits of using a kitchen broom

Easy to use

One advantage of having a broom is that it is easy to use. You will not have to consult or use your energy and time to figure out how the broom works. It will not use up your time, and the results are immediate. The results from sweeping are noticeable once you are done using the broom.

Minimize accidents

When dust and dirt build-up, it may cause your floors to become slippery. If you have wooden floors, the risk increases even more. You can avoid the accumulation of the dirt by using your broom to sweep the kitchen regularly. Once the dirt is kept at a minimum, you are good to go.

Better looking

Another great advantage of using the kitchen broom is that it keeps the floor of the room looking as clean as possible. If you can spend fifteen minutes of your time every day cleaning the kitchen floors, then the kitchen appearance will improve significantly. It does not matter if you have a carpet, hardwood floor, or vinyl planking sweeping will always be beneficial.


Mold spores, debris, and dirt can quickly spread through the air and contaminate everything in your kitchen. The contaminants may get into stored food and other kitchen appliances. By using your kitchen broom regularly, you reduce the contamination of your kitchens households.

Avoid scratches on the kitchen floor.

Regular sweeping using your broom keeps your floor from scratches brought about by debris and spills. Without regular sweeping and proper maintenance of the kitchen floor will leave harmful debris that may cause scratches to your floor. Having the floor free of debris and dirt will increase the lifespan of your floor.

Remove pet hair

For those who have pets, you know how much they shed their fur. Sweeping is the best way to get rid of the pet hair. The fur may be harmful to you and your family, especially if you have allergies. Regular cleaning using your broom will help rid of the pet hair on the floor.


Overall, there are many benefits you get from using the kitchen broom. The activity of regular cleaning has many positive ramifications that will help improve your health and that of your family.