Have you ever questioned the science behind weighted blankets? No doubt, wrapping yourself in a heavy-weighted blanket is more comforting. But what triggers that feeling of comfort? How does this blanket impact your health, and what do scientists say about it? Weighted blankets induce more pressure on the body as opposed to their lightweight counterparts. But how does this pressure therapy benefit the body?

Improves quality of sleep

Do you battle sleep disorders? Many people experience sleeping problems at some time in life. This can be worrying since quality sleep is the best body medicine. Poor sleep can negatively impact your performance; a reason you need a weighted blanket to help increase the quality of sleep every night.

No restless nights or insomnia while using this blanket. Falling asleep or tracking your sleeping routine becomes easier. Scientific studies reveal that the weighted blanket’s deep pressure creates a tranquil and peaceful feeling that puts the body to sleep.

Reduce anxiety

Anxiety is a prevalent mental illness and is among the commonly reported disorders. Though it’s treatable, it can make the suffering individual’s life miserable considering its side effects- insomnia and depression. Scientific research indicates that weighted blankets help reduce anxiousness.
Wrapping yourself in this blanket helps reduce the body’s electrodermal activity easing anxiousness translating to good nights of sleep. Normally, the heart tends to beat faster when you are anxious, increasing your body pressure which activates your parasympathetic nervous system. This lowers your heart rate, which induces your body to a feeling of calmness. That’s exactly what a weighted blanket does to the body.

Lessens Sensory Processing disorder

Weighted blankets have proven helpful to both hypersensitive and hyposensitive individuals. If you are or have someone suffering sensory processing disorder, you can help alleviate their condition with a weighted blanket. Being hyposensitive means having a problem with body stimulations, like one can’t sense touch or noise while being hypersensitive is being excessively sensitive to stimuli.

Hypersensitive people have a lower tolerance to pain, and they can easily get agitated by noise, and a weighted blanket helps control these effects. On the other hand, undersensitive (hyposensitive) individuals have a high tolerance to pain and can stay calm even in noisy situations; a weighted blanket provides the calm pressure their body craves.

The science behind weighted blankets is interesting, right? It seems that this wrapping large, heavy piece of woolen boasts some amazing health remedies. It’s time to keep off those sleeping pills, get a weighted blanket and maximize pressure therapy.